You Are The Reason Why I Feel Loved. You Are The One.

This poem is dedicated to my husband. I thank God and your momma for this day. This day that you were born. 

Happy Birthday my love.

You are
The reason I laugh
The reason I cry
When facing tough paths
You’re the reason I try

You are the reason.

You are –

Why I feel I can make it
Why I feel I can do it
Why I feel I can take it
Like there’s nothing to it

You are why I feel.

You are –

Loved when you’re sleeping
Loved when we’re walking
You are loved when I’m angry
And silent – so keep talking

You are loved.

You are –

The one moon of my night
The one half of my soul
The one thing in my life
That can make me feel whole

You are the one.


  1. Slausin-Ass Slaus says:

    Awww… get nekkid. :: throws dolla bills :: I want that money back baby.

  2. nonotthejacket says:

    Love it, Wanna. Made my soul go "ahh…" and flutter a bit. Too bad it's for your husband, though. *ducks from Slaus* Seriously though, I hope one of these days I'll feel like that about someone. It's been a while.

  3. Baby Kiki Wallace, R says:

    🙂 Awwwwaaahhhh

  4. Urban Thought says:

    What a poem. Happy BDay to your husband. He is blessed to have you.

  5. Demon Hunter says:

    Very nice, T. I really like that. :*) Poem writing abilities. Awesome. Slaus, she should at least be able to keep the money, man! LOL.

  6. Verbal Vixen (T Cald says:

    *sighs at slaus and wonder what is wrong with me*Nonot – save me, please!*grins at kiki**blushes at urban thought* Why thank you, how kind of you to say!I know demon, I should get to keep it, shouldn't I?! *sides eye husband*

  7. Damn, I'm late……but them some pretty words, Wanna! U gets my vote. *wants to hear pretty words from Wanna*

  8. *standing ovation*

  9. Verbal Vixen (T Cald says:

    *giggles @ Dani*Yes, Don. I love that crazy man. Please help me.

  10. Dang Wanna that poem was fresh! I love poetry! And it was so beautiful. Keep writing hon!

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