Why Star Trek is Hot #8: Space!

This is it folks.  The last day of 8 Days of Why Star Trek is Hot post. The husband and I have a date scheduled for tomorrow night which includes going to see Star Trek, and so my suffering will end soon. I have a feeling that seeing the movie will only give me a host of new characters and reasons to be turned on, though. But heh, that would have to be a whole ‘nother post.

So last but certainly not least on the list of why Star Trek turns me on is … *drumroll* …. ** Space **

Yes, you did hear me correctly. I said outer space.


It’s gorgeous (click the pic). The sheer size of it. The unknown possibilities. The theories and hypotheses. The unanswered questions and mind-boggling phenomena just begging to be explored. Are we alone? Do we or do we not really get visited? How old is the universe? What else is out there? Are there other earth-like planets? Why are we here? Will we ever get there?  **tingles all over with excitement**

If we had the means and I was given the privildge, I’d definitely boldly go where no man has gone before. In the meantime I’ll just have to use my imagination, but that’s quite alright because it’s quite vivid. **winks**


  1. Ok, you had me going until you got to this last one. I would have probably put space at maybe 20. Enjoy the movie. It was great. Let us know what you think of it. there some unexpected surprises in it. "smile".

  2. The Other Sherri *LO says:

    I'd boldly go….now if someone would invent a workable cryo-chamber so I could hang out until I can enter StarFleet…

  3. *laughs at "The Other Sherri"*

    Save some room in that cryo-chamber for me, babe!

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