Why Star Trek is Hot #7: T’Pol!

As I mentioned yesterday as part of my 8 Days of Star Trek series, I haven’t even really watched Enterprise yet. The few times I did allow myself to briefly check out an episode or two was because either Archer was doing something that caught my eye, or the super-sexy **T’Pol** was steaming up the scene. Quite literally steaming it up. I mean seriously, 2 of the 3 times I’ve seen part of the show, T’Pol was naked and steamy wet with another hot crewmate and STILL being perfectly unfazed by it. Wowza!

Since you already learned on Day 1 that I have a fetish for elves and thus Vulcans, it should come as no surprise that this full-blooded and emotionally-reserved curvy Vulcan is on my Hot list. I started making a list of reasons why she turns me on, but it was very redundant to my Spock list I already shared with you, so I scrapped it.  Also, check out those kissable lips of hers, the pixie-hair cut and the way she’s working her outfits and I think it’s clear. T’Pol is sexy.



Some may argue that T’Pol doesn’t look as good in her body-hugging “uniform” as the ex-Borg unit Seven of Nine does …


But Seven came off as kinda dumb and dull and so she didn’t make my Hot list. Sorry Seven, resistance isn’t futile. But now trying to resist T’Pol on the other hand …

Come back for the final day of 8 Days of Star Trek hotness!


  1. :: rollin :: Yeah….I forgot about her. Yep…she is def hot.

  2. Both did it for me. Yep.

  3. How could you forget about T'Pol, babi?

    Oh trust me Sherri, I found Seven hot, too. She just didn't make it to my top 10. Her personality just didn't move me enough.

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