Why Star Trek is Hot #6: Captain Archer!

It’s day 6 of my 8 Days of Star Trek series and I have confession to make.  The Star Trek hottie that I want to recognize today is a character I don’t even know very well because I haven’t watched his show (apparently hardly anyone else has, either).  Oh I do plan to check out Star Trek Enterprise soon, but I must admit that I’ve only seen one or two episodes, and not even in their entirety. Not because I didn’t enjoy what I saw, but rather because I was actually a bit too busy during the time the series started to get hooked on yet another great show. But this fact does not stop me from thinking that Captain Jonathan **Archer ** is totally hot.


I mean, I only watched enough to see that he is a very cool, real and down-to-earth captain. Very human and imperfect but eager to learn and grow. But who am I kidding – the character Archer could be the biggest jerk in this sector of the galaxy and I’d probably still think he was hot so long as he was played by Scott Bakula. I first fell for Bakula in Quatum Leap and I think the impression he left on me in that series is permanent.  That, and various pictures of him like this circulating the net:


So yeah. Archer is hot. The End.

There’s still 2 more days of hotness to go so come back for more 8 Days of Star Trek!


  1. Other than the really hot vulcan chick on this show, I didn't really give it much of a chance.

  2. Oh dang…I never saw that cowboy pic before. NICE!!! :: purrs ::

  3. I managed to catch a few episodes. Wasn't too shabby…then again, I watched them mostly because of Bakula. I mean….hello!!

  4. I didn't give it much of a chance either, Slaus. I will one day soon though.

    babi kiki, there's more pics of him out there that were a bit too steamy to post …

    Sherri, Bakula is the main reason I even turned to the show at all, knowing that I needed to stay away from tv at that time!

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