Why “It’s a Boy Girl Thing” Is Hot

Netflix’s movie recommendation equations are genius. I just recently rented and watched a movie that I’d never heard of before. And I adored it. It’s called It’s a Boy  Girl Thing and it’s hot!

It's a Boy Girl Thing

It takes the Freaky Friday plotline that’s been done numerous times before – where a mother and daughter switch bodies, or a father and son, even a young woman and an old man as in Prelude to a Kiss – and puts a new twist on it. Here, two teenagers who are classmates and next door neighbors that don’t get along end up cursed by the mysterious and magical body-swapping phenomenon.

This movie was very cute, a little naughty at times, funny and surprisingly romantic. I can’t think of the last time a romantic comedy did so well of a job making me both laugh and sigh. And I don’t know – maybe there is something very sentimental about a young man and woman literally taking a walk in each other’s shoes in order to fully understand and appreciate the other.

If only we could do that in real life, right?

The roles weren’t easy to pull off, but the actors did a great job and made the movie easy to watch over and over.

If anybody else has seen this It’s a Boy Girl Thing, let’s discuss. If you haven’t – check it out because it’s HOT!


  1. I think probably we are the only two people in the world who saw this movie! I loved it too, I in particular the beginning of the change, and how uncomfortable each were on the other's skin. The guy deciding to be a tramp, the girl becoming the most annoying wimpy preppy boy.

    You just have to love Netflix!

  2. It's a chick flick!

    *throws up the sign of the cross*

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