My five fingers
Over yours
On your hand
On my leg

Your warm palm
On my hips
On my side
On your bed

My moist mouth
And my tongue
On your lips
On your face

Your quick breath
And my breath
They both pant
Our hearts race

Got goose bumps
On my skin
On my thigh
From your touch

The strong vibe
In your eyes
Tell me, you
Want me much

The heat of
Your smooth flesh
Makes my
Temperature hot

You’re rock hard
In my fist
Your voice groans
Please don’t stop

All your clothes
My black dress
Our restraints
Are now undone

Between sheets
You in me
At last we
Become one


  1. Torrance Stephens bk says:

    that got me wantin some now chk this out basic thrust equation and the name game

  2. Lady Cameleon says:

    Wow…had me thinkin back……lol……..By the way your writing is magnificent!

  3. Wanna, I knew you was a freak j/p nice, had me right there, well not w you, but um nevermind, good stuff…MsP

  4. Skoolboi Krush says:

    That's very sexy. Good work!

  5. Demon Hunter says:

    Hey, I found you on your husband's blog and just wanted to stop by and say hey to a fellow writer. :*) I loved that post. I'll definitely be back.~Tyhitia

  6. Baby Kiki Wallace, R says:

    Love it babe. :: purrs ::

  7. Eb the Celeb says:

    Supasexy… reminds me of my favorite painting by Wak… light my fire!

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