Update: CAT ON THE FENCE Complete, Plus 1 more!

I have some good news!

First: The manuscript for CAT ON THE FENCE, the second book in my By The Tail Werecat shifter series, is complete! It’s already in the hands of my editor,  and the request for the cover art has already been submitted.

Second: My trilogy is now becoming a foursome! That’s right – there will be a fourth book added to the By The Tail series. I’ll share the title and description of this new book next week, after it’s been officially accepted by my publisher.

Here’s the updated the description for CAT ON THE FENCE:


How do you choose between being with someone you love and being true to yourself?

The last thing Karabi is looking for soon after an emotional breakup with her boyfriend, is a new relationship. She’s a shifter, and romantic involvements with normal humans are challenging, to say the least. However, her clashes with the frustratingly charming new guy at work, Alex, are tinged with a lustful intent that is hard to ignore.

Alex is irresistibly drawn to Karabi the instant he meets her, and decides to throw professional conduct out the window during an elevator ride to a fundraising event for the zoo. But unbeknownst to either of them, he’s also a shifter, and as they almost go up in flames in each other’s arms at the top of the skyscraper, the beast within Alex begins to awaken.

Suddenly Alex finds himself unexpectedly thrown into the dangerous world of Werecats and Rabid Werewolves, while also attempting to learn to master the animal half of his soul. With each passing day, his sexual voracity increases, but unfortunately, so does his feral nature. To provide Alex the help he truly needs, Karabi must face The Pride and play by their rules — both of which she has fiercely rejected for a decade.


You can learn a little more about CAT ON THE FENCE and my other upcoming work on my coming soon page. Check out the first book in this series, CAT OF THE BAG, if you missed it!



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