To Pieces

I may not often say it
‘Cause I swear you always know
Can’t see how you could miss it
You make me smile. Laugh. Glow.
You walk by – I touch you
Stay away too long – I seek you
When saying goodbye, I walk you out
And assume you sense that I need you
Even though I know you’ll laugh
At my random thinking of you
I wanna say, I love you to pieces
And I place no one above you



  1. The Love Collective says:

    I like yer blog.Just showing love.

  2. *snaps snaps snaps*aww was that for mr slaus? I am a faithful reader of OHN

  3. :: daps slaus ::

  4. Slausin-Ass Slaus says:

    I be doing it right.

  5. Verbal Vixen (T Cald says:

    *grumbles a divorce threat at Slaus*

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