Geeky Friday: RoboTimes (Android Woman!)

This geeky yet creepy video is especially appropriate as today is both Geeky Friday and a couple of days before Halloween.

Maybe this means I’ll finally get a real life guy like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation soon? *crosses fingers*

Fun Stuff


Whoops, I forgot to come back and give an update, didn’t I? I’ve been so caught up in fictional world-building and writing that I’ve forgotten to blog!

So I did go see Star Trek a couple of weeks ago, and it was very good! Yes, in case you’re wondering, I still think Star Trek is hot. Maybe even hotter now with Spock being all young and virile and not minding ladies with cocoa skin (so maybe there’s a chance for me yet!). Heck even Kirk was doing it for me in this movie!

Star Trek was so good in fact, that I was motivated to put the story I’d been writing (in slow motion, it seems) aside and started working on this space opera that started developing in my head several months ago. So for the past near two weeks, I’ve been busy creating the details of the world; its history, its current technology, galaxies, the planets and their inhabitants. I’ve even been geeking-out researching stuff like Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, hypothesized solutions to his gravitational field equation, and electron particle propulsion so that I could decide exactly how I was going to have my characters travelling around the universe.

Now that’s what I call fun stuff! Oh don’t worry – it’ll be sexy too, of course. 😉

I have outlined a series of several novels and novellas all set in this same fictional universe and have a great start on one of the novellas. This story is practically bursting out of my head, so I have to get it all down before my fingers will let me even THINK about going back to the other stories I’ve started.

*sighs* So much to write, so little time to write it all!

In the meantime, I’ll try my best not to neglect the blog too much … if I can stop daydreaming about sexy aliens and spaceships long enough.

Why Star Trek is Hot #8: Space!

This is it folks.  The last day of 8 Days of Why Star Trek is Hot post. The husband and I have a date scheduled for tomorrow night which includes going to see Star Trek, and so my suffering will end soon. I have a feeling that seeing the movie will only give me a host of new characters and reasons to be turned on, though. But heh, that would have to be a whole ‘nother post.

So last but certainly not least on the list of why Star Trek turns me on is … *drumroll* …. ** Space **

Yes, you did hear me correctly. I said outer space.


It’s gorgeous (click the pic). The sheer size of it. The unknown possibilities. The theories and hypotheses. The unanswered questions and mind-boggling phenomena just begging to be explored. Are we alone? Do we or do we not really get visited? How old is the universe? What else is out there? Are there other earth-like planets? Why are we here? Will we ever get there?  **tingles all over with excitement**

If we had the means and I was given the privildge, I’d definitely boldly go where no man has gone before. In the meantime I’ll just have to use my imagination, but that’s quite alright because it’s quite vivid. **winks**

Why Star Trek is Hot #7: T’Pol!

As I mentioned yesterday as part of my 8 Days of Star Trek series, I haven’t even really watched Enterprise yet. The few times I did allow myself to briefly check out an episode or two was because either Archer was doing something that caught my eye, or the super-sexy **T’Pol** was steaming up the scene. Quite literally steaming it up. I mean seriously, 2 of the 3 times I’ve seen part of the show, T’Pol was naked and steamy wet with another hot crewmate and STILL being perfectly unfazed by it. Wowza!

Since you already learned on Day 1 that I have a fetish for elves and thus Vulcans, it should come as no surprise that this full-blooded and emotionally-reserved curvy Vulcan is on my Hot list. I started making a list of reasons why she turns me on, but it was very redundant to my Spock list I already shared with you, so I scrapped it.  Also, check out those kissable lips of hers, the pixie-hair cut and the way she’s working her outfits and I think it’s clear. T’Pol is sexy.



Some may argue that T’Pol doesn’t look as good in her body-hugging “uniform” as the ex-Borg unit Seven of Nine does …


But Seven came off as kinda dumb and dull and so she didn’t make my Hot list. Sorry Seven, resistance isn’t futile. But now trying to resist T’Pol on the other hand …

Come back for the final day of 8 Days of Star Trek hotness!

Why Star Trek is Hot #6: Captain Archer!

It’s day 6 of my 8 Days of Star Trek series and I have confession to make.  The Star Trek hottie that I want to recognize today is a character I don’t even know very well because I haven’t watched his show (apparently hardly anyone else has, either).  Oh I do plan to check out Star Trek Enterprise soon, but I must admit that I’ve only seen one or two episodes, and not even in their entirety. Not because I didn’t enjoy what I saw, but rather because I was actually a bit too busy during the time the series started to get hooked on yet another great show. But this fact does not stop me from thinking that Captain Jonathan **Archer ** is totally hot.


I mean, I only watched enough to see that he is a very cool, real and down-to-earth captain. Very human and imperfect but eager to learn and grow. But who am I kidding – the character Archer could be the biggest jerk in this sector of the galaxy and I’d probably still think he was hot so long as he was played by Scott Bakula. I first fell for Bakula in Quatum Leap and I think the impression he left on me in that series is permanent.  That, and various pictures of him like this circulating the net:


So yeah. Archer is hot. The End.

There’s still 2 more days of hotness to go so come back for more 8 Days of Star Trek!

Why Star Trek is Hot #5: The Enterprise!

It’s Day 5 of my 8 Days of Star Trek series, and today I stray away from admiring the various life forms of Star Trek. You see, today I am giving a tribute to one of the hottest things about Star Trek – the ship that makes everything possible. Only the bestest, sexiest space vehicle in the galaxy – the starship ** Enterprise **!


Okay, so maybe the Enterprise did get blown up a time or two, have a crash landing at least once, and maybe it’s even run into itself from another dimension while caught in a rift in the space-time continnuum or something confusing like that … but all issues aside, if I were going to travel across the universe, this would be my ride.

Not Voyager. Not the Battlestar Galatica.  Not The Millenium Falcon. Most certainly not the Apollo 11.

Only the Enterprise and all its various models seem to have the most luxurious of interiors, stylish private quarters that actually look clean and comfortable, a cool bar and a transporter room.  It would be the ultimate cruiseship, seriously. Not to mention the best warp engine and shielding device in the galaxy and a navigational system that actually prevents them from getting lost in space like other ships we know.  *side eye*

And how can I forget about the all-important Holodeck? So you keep making moves at Spock, Worf, Picard and Uhura but they keep turning you down? No problem! Just go to the Holodeck and set up the parameters of the program and voila, your fantasy has come true! It just doesn’t get any sexier than that!

Just the thought of being able to live onboard a beautiful vessel like that while exploring strange new worlds, and seeking out new life and new civilizations is making me tingle with a special kind of excitement right now.  **looks up and cries** When are you guys going to beam me up already?!

There’s more 8 Days of Star Trek hotness left, so come back soon!

Why Star Trek is Hot #4: Uhura!

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Great times, great food, great friends and family. Only thing missing was my chance to see the new Star Trek movie. But speaking of mothers and greatness and Star Trek; the mother of all sexy Star Trek characters with great legs gets the tribute for Day 4 of my 8 Days of Star Trek series. Of course I am talking about the gorgeous Nyota ** Uhura **!


Okay, so do I really need to even list the reasons why Uhura is hot? I’ll do it anyway since it’s so easy:

  1. Single-handedly prevented The Original Star Trek from being a complete optical nuisance, just by being on screen
  2. That gorgeous left leg
  3. That fabulous right leg
  4. Maintained the coolest hairstyles even in space (I can barely keep a fancy hairdo with just high humidity, let alone in zero gravity)
  5. Proves that a woman can be smart, serious AND sexy
  6. Can make even an inappropriately short skirt/dress look professional at work
  7. Wasn’t afraid to try a little Something New **winks**
  8. Has a sexy name and speaks Swahili
  9. Was always surrounded by men dripping with testosterone, yet maintained her classiness
  10. “See! There are black chicks in space!”

Nyota Uhura is now being played by Zoe Saldana in the new Star Trek movie. She also is very beautiful, but I’ll have to see her in action myself and determine whether or not she out-rocks Nichelle Nichols or is even on par. Zoe_Saldana_3

Either way, if you can’t see how hot Uhura is – the new or the old – I’m going to don you in a miscellaneous red shirt and  send you on the next Away mission … dun dun dun dunnnn!

We’re only halfway through 8 Days of Star Trek, so be sure to come back for more!

Why Star Trek is Hot #3: Picard!

Winner of the spot for Day 3 of my 8 Days of Star Trek series, where I post about why I find Star Trek so hot is none other than the honorable Captain Jean Luc ** Picard **!


Yeah, I like human guys too, you know! There’s just so much that I find impressive about Picard:

  1. I love a guy in the driver’s seat
  2. Knows what his prime directive is and sticks to it
  3. Picard is a man of respect, honor and, if he can help it – peace
  4. He’s accomplished
  5. Bald heads are sexy
  6. Has a terrific voice
  7. People do what he says
  8. He’s cool and calm when he needs to be, angry when he needs to be
  9. Wise with experience
  10. A great leader – arguably the best captain Starfleet has ever had

Captain Kirk may have been the more romantic one, but he was also kinda slutty. I’d take the more refined and subtly sexy Picard over Kirk any day to command my vessel.

Does Picard make it so for you like he does for me? Come back soon for the continuation of my 8 Days of Star Trek!


Why Star Trek is Hot #2: Worf!

Here’s Day 2 of my 8 Days of Star Trek series, where I post about why I find Star Trek so hot! I’lll continue today with the formidable but snuggleable ** Worf **.


Worf has this dangerous demeanor with a loyal and loveable interior. He’s the tough angry guy that a deviant geek like me would love to tame. And here’s why:

  1. Big, tall and dark
  2. Loyal and strong but still wounded and vulnerable
  3. Speak Klingon to me baby!  Qapla’!
  4. Dude looks like he’s built Ford Tough (which can come in handy for some wild, wild nights!)
  5. He’s a warrior
  6. Ooh those lips
  7. That growl! That roar!
  8. With a little bit of experimentation, the ridges on his nose and foreheard could make for some very interesting foreplay
  9. He’s a good father
  10. I’d feel very safe by his side

Hot stuff.  Even the tales about how dominative and dangerous the Klingon mating ritual is don’t deter me one bit.  I actually prefer a little bit of danger …

What do you think, is Worf worthy of wooing? Come back soon for the continuation of my 8 Days of Star Trek!


Why Star Trek is Hot #1: Spock!

Okay, so the new Star Trek movie just opened yesterday, but due to my parents being out of town on some amorous trip in Las Vegas together, my husband and I are without an evening baby-sitter. Thus I am forced to wait a WHOLE WEEK before I get to see the movie! But instead of throwing a tantrum about it while I wait, I’d like to dedicate each of the next 8 days to why Star Trek is so freakin’ sexy to me.

Firstly, all of the Star Trek series weren’t just about space exploration, they were about the exploration of people, emotions and relationships. The episodes all touched on things like altruism, racism and equality, sexism, diversity, passion and politics, and so much more. Every episode left you thinking or feeling in some way.

But even moreso than the great themes, it’s the great characters that were so hot I find myself compelled to write a tribute for my favorites.  I’lll start today with ** Mr. Spock **.


Ever since I was a little girl watching the original Star Trek on a 9-inch black and white television set with one bent antenna while my mom pressed my hair, I’ve been fascinated with Spock. He’s got all the characteristics a geek girl like me needs to fall in love with (besides flexible fingers):

  1. Tall and dark-haired
  2. Intelligent, talented and ambitious
  3. Extrasensory pecerption (What I would give to do a mind-meld with Spock! I bet my thoughts would make him blush)
  4. Calm and logical
  5. Can throw down when the situation calls for fists
  6. Secure, mature and masculine
  7. Inquisitive and somewhat “innocent” (oh the things I could teach Spock)
  8. Long ears that are perfect for grabbing when – *coughs* er hmm
  9. His hormones only rule him every once in a while, making him actually an interesting challenge
  10. Exotic (You’re from where? The planet Vulcan, you say?  Ah yes, I’ve always wanted to visit some place new …)

What a man. **swoons** Spock may also be responsible for starting my elf-fetish … I mean, afterall he IS very much like a futuristic high-elf … although Orlando Bloom as Legolas from Lord of the Rings definitely helped perpuate it.

Let me know what you think about Spock, and come back for the continuation of my 8 Days of Star Trek!