Why Shapeshifters Are Hot

Mystique from Xmen

Mystique from Xmen

The countdown is on – only 6 more days before CAT OUT OF THE BAG goes live!  In celebration of the release of the first book in my paranormal erotic romance series, By the Tail, I’d like to discuss my fascination with the fantasy of shapeshifters. Which is what this series is all about.

Why shapeshifters? Because they are hot, that’s why. Fun, sexy, wild, just simply hot. In just in case you don’t see it, here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. They get to break the rules.

Life is full of so many laws, restrictions and regulations. Slow down. Don’t go out naked.  Wait in line.  Use a fork. Ask your spouse for permission before you hump him. The downside of being part of a civilized society is that you are expected to conform and comply, at all times.

But a shapeshifter doesn’t have to conform all the time — because they don’t have to be human, all of the time!  It must be nice to get to be an animal every once in a while. To be able to kick off your shoes and drop your pants. To drop our man-made worries for a bit and just enjoy the simplicity of simply being alive, and the beauty of the natural world we live in. To be a lazy kitty who sleeps all day and gets high on catnip in front of the whole family, and still get rewarded with back rubs and treats. I bet my husband wouldn’t look at me like I was crazy for humping the couch if I were a Cocker Spaniel.

true_blood_sam_human true_blood_sam_dog
Sam Merlot from True Blood
  1. We get to see their alter egos.

 The very first shifter I remember being fascinated with was The Incredible Hulk.  Dr. Banner is an intelligent, reserved, quiet spoken scientist, who transformed into a giant, savage creature (with delicious looking thighs, might I add) whenever he gets angry. I found the fact that this nerdy character had a pants-bursting monster within that he could barely control to be very relatable. And rather arousing.


Dr. Banner / The Incredible Hulk


  1. Be all that you can be … Super Powered!

Heightened senses. Inhuman speed. Super strength. Sharp claws. Imagine being your own guard dog or weapon, always on the ready in case you need to get out of a fix. Now that’s boss.

t1000stare t1000
T-1000 from Terminator 2



  1. Real voices in our heads.

Never get in trouble again for eating all the cookies or streaking naked down the block! Hardly anyone ever buys the “the voices in my head made me do it” excuse, but there’s no denying the demon that everyone can see. A shapeshifter could always just say “My wolf made me do it!”

Vampire Damon Salvatore could get away with ANYTHING

Vampire Damon Salvatore could get away with ANYTHING


  1. There’s a beast in all of us.

I’m not necessarily talking about an alter ego. I’m talking about that inner animal that is you, yet you put forth an effort to keep it tame (because it’s not polite to bite people’s head off, no matter HOW much you might want to).  A shapeshifter’s alter form is the physical manifestation of some of their biggest flaws (or greatest assets). So lastly, shapeshifters are hot because deep down, we can actually relate to them. You and me baby, we ain’t nothing but mammals!



Do you like shapeshifters? If you could be one, what would you shift into?