Coming Soon: Re-releases!

My rigComputer On Desk With White Copyspacehts have been returned to me on my first three books:

  • Say My Name
  • The Summoning
  • Way Out of Control

This is exciting because I will now have full control of these stories!

I’m in the process now of making some small changes that I’ve been wanting to do on them for years, as well as create brand new covers for each book. It will be a few weeks before they are ready to re-release, which means that there may be a brief period of time that they will be unavailable for sale as my former publisher takes them down from all current vendor sites.

So please note that if you are looking to buy one of these books right now and they are unavailable, this is only temporary. The new versions will be up for sale over the next several weeks.

Say My Name will be re-released later this month (December 2014), while  The Summoning and Way Out of Control will be re-released in January 2015. You can check back here for announcements of the exact re-release dates.

Now Available! CAT ON THE FENCE (“By The Tail”, Book 2)

Cat On the Fence

(“By the Tail” series, Book 2) is on sale now!


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The last thing Karabi wants after dumping her clingy boyfriend is a new relationship. She’s a Werecat shifter and romantic involvements with normal humans are challenging to say the least. However her clashes with the frustratingly hot new guy at work, Alex, are tinged with a lust that’s impossible to ignore.

Alex throws professionalism out the window the first time he gets Karabi alone, sexing her up atop Willis Tower. But unbeknownst to them he’s a “Late Bloomer”, a Werecat whose powers haven’t manifested until adulthood. As their first sexual encounter reaches climax he shifts uncontrollably.

Suddenly Alex is thrown into the dangerous world of Werecats and Rabid Werewolves. With each passing day his sexual voracity increases but unfortunately so does his feral nature. To give Alex the help he needs, Karabi must face the Pride and play by their rules—both of which she’s fiercely rejected.


Click here to read an excerpt from the book (and to learn more!). You can learn more about the “By the Tail” books on the series page.

Now Available – CAT OUT OF THE BAG

Cat Out of the Bag (Book 1, “By the Tail” series), is on sale now!

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Sofia is in desperate need of a vacation and she’s determined not to let her aversion to flying get in the way of that. Luckily, her trepidation is quickly forgotten when in-flight entertainment takes the form of the sinfully gorgeous Nathan.

Nathan offers Sofia an electric induction into the mile high club and he wants more. He wants to meet her again once they land, but he has a dangerous secret—he’s a Werecat shifter and can’t risk an ongoing fling with a straight-up human.

However, Sofia discovers she’s a “Late Bloomer”. Her own Cat begins to awaken at Nathan’s touch. In the mountain wilds, she asks Nathan to teach her to master her newfound abilities. But to do so he must violate the rules of the Pride, putting them both at risk.

Click here to read an excerpt from the book

WAY OUT OF CONTROL is Available Now!

Way out of Control_550x800

ISBN #: 9781595788504
Length: Novella
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Cover Art: Amanda Kelsey
Format(s): eBook only
On Sale: Coming Aug. 15, 2011

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Sometimes the only way to maintain control is to let it go …

Doctor Celise Belderon and a team of scientists are developing a formula to biologically enhance ordinary humans. Her task is to tend to their volunteer test-subject; wounded police officer Jaxon Wentworth.

The formula doesn’t quite work as expected. Jaxon gains exceptional strength and senses, but by the time the transformation completes he doesn’t recognize his own reflection. Worse still, he develops a volatile temperament he can barely contain.

While searching for a cure, Celise tries some natural remedies to help Jaxon keep his emotions in check. But each attempt is itself a dangerous experiment since she must get close enough to put herself at risk should he lose all control …

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“The build up to Jaxon and Celise getting intimate was a drawn out dance of erotic interludes. When the restraints are lifted it’s hot and heavy and oh so yummy. This was a good read with a fast moving plot that kept me interested to the end.” – Chris, Night Owl Reviews (4.25/5 Stars) 

EXCERPT from WAY OUT OF CONTROL by Tatiana Caldwell:

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The first odd thing Jaxon Wentworth noticed when he opened his eyes was that the scientists were much further from his bed than they sounded. They were at the counter all the way on the opposite side of the medical room, talking to each other with their backs to him. Yet he could hear them as if they were standing right next to his head. Perhaps enhanced hearing was one of the potential “perks” they’d told him about—he couldn’t quite remember; although, it was disconcerting enough to be more like a drawback than a bonus. Either way, like the mild headaches and itchy skin he’d already suffered a few weeks ago, this was just another side effect of being a volunteer test subject he was going to have to get used to. Temporarily, he hoped.

The next thing he noticed, for the first time in years, was the lack of pain in his right leg. He wiggled it and was surprised by how sturdy it felt.

He hoped that effect wasn’t temporary.

As he pushed himself up into a sitting position, the third thing he noticed was the new-found strength in his left bicep. With his heart racing, he sat up straight, swung his legs over the side of the hospital bed and stood straight upon the floor. He bounced up and down a little, swinging his arms. Ignoring the scientists rushing towards him, Jaxon grinned. He jogged in placed for a few seconds, his knees reaching high and his arms bent and pumping mightily at his sides. He cackled out loud in glee.

“Oh my, you’re up already,” Dr. Sri Ashni said, the black and silvery bush of a mustache spreading over his smile. “We did not expect you to awaken so soon.”

“Ha, well, I’m definitely wide awake.”

The taller, lanky scientist called Victor Morhamer gestured at Jaxon to slow down. “Easy now. Let’s check you out, see how you’re doing,”

“How am I doing? I can tell you how I’m doing, doc,” Jaxon snickered. “I’m fucking fantastic!”

He beamed as he moved towards a mirror so he could watch himself strut. He ran around the small grey box of a lab in a few quick circles, testing his speed, his balance, his reach. It was as if he’d never even been shot, as if there was no bullet still lodged in his leg, no muscle damage at all from the gunshot wound to his arm.

At last, after five long years of being stuck behind that boring desk at the precinct, he was finally going to get back on the beat. He was finally going to be a real cop again. All thanks to Cyclone Industries and their experimental Titan Formula.

“So you do not have any discomfort, no? You feel perfectly fine?”

“Yes sirs, I do.”

Sri and Victor cheered.

“I can’t believe you’re paying me for this. I should be paying you.”

Smiling, Sri shook his head. “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Victor went over to the laptop on the counter. “The last installment is being wired into your bank account as we speak,” he said, his fingers moving on the keyboard. Even he, the normally stoic one, looked up and smirked.

Sri grabbed the ends of the stethoscope that hung around his neck and brought them up to his ears as he approached Jaxon. “Lift your shirt so I can have a listen to your heart, please.”

Jaxon raised his arms and yanked the white t-shirt entirely off. His pectorals were hard, defined, and he could not help but flex his upper body. He felt strong, quick, no discomfort. Like a real man, a brand new man. Like there was nothing he couldn’t do anymore. And now that he was going to have some real money in the bank, maybe he could finally find the courage to ask Dr. Celise Belderon to go out with him.

The corners of Jaxon’s mouth tugged into a smile as let his mind wander back to the very first moment he met her.

He’d sat on the table in the medical room wearing nothing but the odd-shaped paper gown that the equally odd-shaped nurse had given him. He hadn’t bothered to secure the plastic tie, knowing that the damn thing would likely just come loose within minutes anyway, and modesty was a rather moot concept during a full medical exam. Ever since that damned injury, he was prone to a little bit of anxiety whenever he had to see a doctor, so he whistled the base line to the hip-hop tune stuck in his head to ease the wait.

Because the click-clacking of sharp heels approaching the door was what alerted him to her arrival, his eyes went to her feet first when she entered the room. Yellow, three-inch heels greeted him. He’d wondered what kind of doctor wore yellow high-heels to work. When he looked up to find out, his back went rigid as his breath shot out of his throat.

Those bright eyes of hers, a mixture of green and grey, sparkled at him with a quiet intelligence under black horn rimmed glasses. She wore her hair—which looked as red and soft as rose petals—in a neat updo with swooping bangs to frame her face. The hint of a yellow dress peaked from under her buttoned lab coat. She had a casual-yet-classy style, a graceful poise and demeanor, and what appeared to be the thick, shapely body of a damn porn star. It took effort for him to close his mouth and not stare.

She appeared almost as startled as he was. “Oh, you’re already undressed? I’m sorry, I would have knocked first had I known. I was going to at least introduce myself before asking you to get undressed.”

Jaxon coughed as if to clear his throat, but it was the erotic thoughts that entered his mind at those words that he was trying to get rid of. “No, it – it’s fine. I’m all ready for you.”

“Good then. Officer Wentworth, I’m Dr. Belderon and I will be tending to you for the duration of the trials. We’ll begin today with a complete physical examination.” She held out her hand, and he shook it firmly but quick. So this gorgeous woman was going to give him a full exam? He stifled a laugh; this was definitely going to be an experiment in self-control.

She listened to his heart and lungs, checked his blood pressure, and inspected his eyes, ears and throat while engaging him in idle chit-chat.

“Are you on any medications, Officer Wentworth?”


“Have any allergies? Or any additional medical conditions since you filled out the forms?”

“No and no.”

He focused on breathing deeply and staying cool, and all went fine at first while she covered the basics. But then she slipped rubber gloves on her hands, reached for the hem of his gown and pushed it up to his hips. “You’re unmarried, correct Officer Wentworth?”


“Are you sexually active?” she asked, as she placed her fingers on the head of his penis and lifted it.

Jaxon looked away from Dr. Belderon and swallowed to concentrate on chaste thoughts. A nearly impossible feat to achieve with this lovely woman’s hand between his legs, with her buttery voice asking him about his sex life. “Well, it’s been a while.”

She gently moved his penis and testicles around a bit and scrutinized. A tremor rattled up from his groin to his gut, but he wasn’t sure if her hands were shaky or if he was shuddering. “How long of a while?”

He shrugged. “A few months, I guess. Maybe a little more than a few.” She leaned down close enough to batter him with her sharp, tangy scent of soap intermingled with a sweet vanilla. He dared to look directly at her and when their eyes met, Jaxon swore her cheeks were three times rosier than they were before.

“A man like you going without? I’m surprised.” She cupped his balls in her hand. “Cough”

He coughed once in response to her command and then again in response to her comment. “A man like me? What do you mean by that?” he asked, eyeing her curiously.

She snorted and shook her head. “Nothing important. It’s just that you’re a healthy and physically attractive guy, and your answer wasn’t what I expected.” She went to the counter and began to lube her right index finger. “Stand up, turn around and bend over for me, please. Elbows on the table.”

“Are you coming on to me, doctor?” Jaxon asked as he got to his feet. He looked down at her heart-shaped face and smiled. Yup, she was definitely blushing. He caught a smirk playing with the edge of her mouth before he turned around and leaned forward.

“Believe me, Officer Jaxon Wentworth, if I were coming on to you, you’d know it.” she said, just seconds before she slipped her slender finger into his rectum. The opening of the gown he’d forgotten he’d left loose slid open, exposing his entire backside to her as she probed him. He exhaled heavily. He might as well have been naked. The thought only excited him further.

Please don’t get hard, please don’t get hard, he mentally pleaded with himself, as Dr. Belderon circled a finger against his prostrate. She was very clinical and quick about it, and yet his dick still found a way to disobey him. When she was done and he pulled down his gown and turned around, he tried to keep his hands in front of him to hide his arousal, which was protruding against the paper material.

She smiled at him, and he noticed that one tooth on her bottom row leaned slightly against the one next to it. That small little imperfection made her even more endearing, and his heart began to throb along with his erection.

“All right, we’re done here. For the most part, you seem to be a man in good health. In more ways than one, if I might add.” She said. She let her gaze slip down towards his midsection, then smirked back up at him. “That’ll be all for today. You can put your clothes on, and Dr. Ashni will come see you shortly. It was a pleasure to meet to you, Officer Jaxon.”

But damn, did she have any idea how much pleasure had been his, he wondered.

So for the next three months of the experiment, Celise Belderon tended to Jaxon and monitored his health—and tortured him with the insane sexiness of her presence. And the more he got to know her, the more he came to admire everything about her. The way she walked, the way she laughed, the way she said exactly what was on her mind. As far as Jaxon was concerned, she was the perfect woman.

So perfect, in fact, that he was perhaps a bit intimidated by her. She was highly educated, independent, gorgeous, down to earth. And she was a doctor, for Christ’s sake, while he was an injured blue-collared cop with confidence issues. But with Celise, it was hard for him to keep his desires completely bottled up, like he was used to doing. Eventually he’d worked up the nerve to kind-of ask her out once, after he was almost certain that the blush in her cheeks and the sultry look in her eyes were due to her experiencing the same wave of attraction he was. In response to his sort-of invitation, she sort-of politely turned him down. Yet the sexual energy between the two of them never dissipated. In fact, it only seemed to increase twofold.

That sexy ass doctor. Now, just thinking about the combination of big brains and crazy curves on that woman got a rise of out Jaxon. Instantly, he stiffened his back as he felt his erection. Something was—odd. He loosened the white strings on his grey sweat pants and pulled them and his boxer briefs away from his body, and looked down in confusion. Not only had he achieved record hardness in such a short period of time with no physical provocation, he barely recognized his own member. It looked thicker and a couple of inches longer than usual.

Now that was an effect he hadn’t even begun to anticipate.

But the little bit of masculine awe he felt could not override his worry. Just how much was he going to change, exactly?

“Are you okay, Wentworth? Come sit on the bed so I can examine you.”

Jaxon nodded his head, but then paused at his reflection in the mirror. Stunned. “Wait—am I getting bigger?”

Victor joined Sri’s side then, and both of them looked at Jaxon and then each other.

“It’s happening very fast,” Sri noted.

Victor nodded his head. “Unbelievably fast. Much quicker than we expected.”

“Too fast,” Jaxon gasped. “It’s starting to hurt. I can feel my chest—oh shit, what the hell is happening to me, doc?”

Dr. Morhamer furrowed his brows as his frown deepened. “Something’s wrong.”

My Novella WAY OUT OF CONTROL Contracted


I just received a third publishing contract! This one is for WAY OUT OF CONTROL, a titillating, “light-sci-fi” romance.

Here’s a teaser blurb:

A doctor must help seek a cure for a man transformed into an uncontrollable monstrosity due to scientific meddling with his DNA.

But in order to help him, she must get close enough to him to risk her very life … and more.

Liquid Silver Books is the publisher, and I look forward to having another release with them. Stay tuned for more info!

Cover Art for THE SUMMONING Completed!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me, and it doesn’t look as if things are going to let up until well after Christmas. But that’s a good thing – it means I have a full, exciting life, right? Right?! * desperately awaits your agreement*

I do have something pretty cool to share, though.  The cover art for my upcoming book, THE SUMMONING. It was done by the talented April Martinez.

I’m quite pleased with it. 😀

More information soon to come!

My novella THE SUMMONING contracted with Liquid Silver Books

Good news! I’ve just been offered a second publishing contract!

Here’s a teaser for my novella, THE SUMMONING, which is a sizzling paranormal romance:

Gailyn Bridges is a psychic who summons a powerful spirit to help save the would-be victim of a crime.

But who’s going to save Gailyn when the mysterious spirit returns to collect payment for lending her his power?

It’s going to be published by Liquid Silver Books, and I’m quite excited. Stay tuned for more updates!

SAY MY NAME Promo: Why “Rumpelstiltskin”?

I’ve had a couple of people ask me what made me choose, of all the fairy tales out there, Rumpelstiltskin to turn into a sexy, romantic romp?

So I’m going to explain. But first, let me post a version of the original fable to refresh your memory:

Rumpelstiltskin, by Brothers Grimm

Once there was a miller who was poor, but who had a beautiful daughter. Now it happened that he had to go and speak to the king, and in order to make himself appear important he said to him, “I have a daughter who can spin straw into gold.”

The king said to the miller, “That is an art which pleases me well, if your daughter is as clever as you say, bring her to-morrow to my palace, and I will put her to the test.”

And when the girl was brought to him he took her into a room which was quite full of straw, gave her a spinning-wheel and a reel, and said, “Now set to work, and if by to-morrow morning early you have not spun this straw into gold during the night, you must die.”

Thereupon he himself locked up the room, and left her in it alone. So there sat the poor miller’s daughter, and for the life of her could not tell what to do, she had no idea how straw could be spun into gold, and she grew more and more frightened, until at last she began to weep.

But all at once the door opened, and in came a little man, and said, “Good evening, mistress miller, why are you crying so?”

“Alas,” answered the girl, “I have to spin straw into gold, and I do not know how to do it.”

“What will you give me,” said the manikin, “if I do it for you?”

“My necklace,” said the girl.

The little man took the necklace, seated himself in front of the wheel, and whirr, whirr, whirr, three turns, and the reel was full, then he put another on, and whirr, whirr, whirr, three times round, and the second was full too. And so it went on until the morning, when all the straw was spun, and all the reels were full of gold.

By daybreak the king was already there, and when he saw the gold he was astonished and delighted, but his heart became only more greedy. He had the miller’s daughter taken into another room full of straw, which was much larger, and commanded her to spin that also in one night if she valued her life. The girl knew not how to help herself, and was crying, when the door opened again, and the little man appeared, and said, “What will you give me if I spin that straw into gold for you?”

“The ring on my finger,” answered the girl.

The little man took the ring, again began to turn the wheel, and by morning had spun all the straw into glittering gold.

The king rejoiced beyond measure at the sight, but still he had not gold enough, and he had the miller’s daughter taken into a still larger room full of straw, and said, “You must spin this, too, in the course of this night, but if you succeed, you shall be my wife.”

Even if she be a miller’s daughter, thought he, I could not find a richer wife in the whole world.

When the girl was alone the manikin came again for the third time, and said, “What will you give me if I spin the straw for you this time also?”

“I have nothing left that I could give,” answered the girl.

“Then promise me, if you should become queen, to give me your first child.”

Who knows whether that will ever happen, thought the miller’s daughter, and, not knowing how else to help herself in this strait, she promised the manikin what he wanted, and for that he once more spun the straw into gold.

And when the king came in the morning, and found all as he had wished, he took her in marriage, and the pretty miller’s daughter became a queen.

A year after, she brought a beautiful child into the world, and she never gave a thought to the manikin. But suddenly he came into her room, and said, “Now give me what you promised.”

The queen was horror-struck, and offered the manikin all the riches of the kingdom if he would leave her the child. But the manikin said, “No, something alive is dearer to me than all the treasures in the world.”

Then the queen began to lament and cry, so that the manikin pitied her.

“I will give you three days, time,” said he, “if by that time you find out my name, then shall you keep your child.”

So the queen thought the whole night of all the names that she had ever heard, and she sent a messenger over the country to inquire, far and wide, for any other names that there might be. When the manikin came the next day, she began with Caspar, Melchior, Balthazar, and said all the names she knew, one after another, but to every one the little man said, “That is not my name.”

On the second day she had inquiries made in the neighborhood as to the names of the people there, and she repeated to the manikin the most uncommon and curious. Perhaps your name is Shortribs, or Sheepshanks, or Laceleg, but he always answered, “That is not my name.”

On the third day the messenger came back again, and said, “I have not been able to find a single new name, but as I came to a high mountain at the end of the forest, where the fox and the hare bid each other good night, there I saw a little house, and before the house a fire was burning, and round about the fire quite a ridiculous little man was jumping, he hopped upon one leg, and shouted –

“To-day I bake, to-morrow brew,
the next I’ll have the young queen’s child.
Ha, glad am I that no one knew
that Rumpelstiltskin I am styled.”

You may imagine how glad the queen was when she heard the name. And when soon afterwards the little man came in, and asked, “Now, mistress queen, what is my name?”

At first she said, “Is your name Conrad?”


“Is your name Harry?”


“Perhaps your name is Rumpelstiltskin?”

“The devil has told you that! The devil has told you that,” cried the little man, and in his anger he plunged his right foot so deep into the earth that his whole leg went in, and then in rage he pulled at his left leg so hard with both hands that he tore himself in two.

Ever since I first heard this tale of Rumpelstiltskin, I had some serious questions about the plot. Like:

  1. What made the king believe that ANYONE could spin straw into gold?
  2. Why would this woman want to marry a king who threatens to kill her if she doesn’t spin straw into gold?
  3. Why did Rumpelstiltskin want to help her?
  4. Why did Rumpelstiltskin want her baby? More importantly … why in the world did the woman agree to give this creature her unborn child?
  5. And why did hearing his own name make him so freaking angry??

When I read the story again last year, the answers I came up with for those questions were all steamy HOT. I just had to turn it into a book. Besides – how often have you heard “Rumpelstiltskin” retold? Probably not much!

And thus, SAY MY NAME was born. You’ll be able to read it next week, on Monday, August 9, 2010!

SAY MY NAME Release Date Set for August 9, 2010

The official release date has been set!  SAY MY NAME will go on sale on August 9th, 2010 with Liquid Silver Books. 08/09/10, that’s a cool date, eh? You see that? 8.9.10? **bites lip and snorts at my own geekiness**


But not only is the date cool because it’s in sequential order, but August 9th also happens to be my birthday. Very nice, right? 😀

I’ll post more about it in the coming weeks, but in the meantime here’s the blurb for the book. Also, I’ve created an info page that includes an excerpt from the actual story – check it out!

Blurb for SAY MY NAME, by Tatiana Caldwell. Coming 8.9.2010 to Liquid Silver Books.

There’s much more to the fable of Rumpelstiltskin than you’ve been told …

Due to her father’s constant bragging, word of Anna Miller’s beauty and virtue piques the interest of King Thomas. Upon taking the boasting of her father too literally, the king of Grimbros imprisons Anna and threatens to kill her and her father if she fails to spin straw into gold.

A mysterious and sensual magical being finds himself drawn to the castle – and the beautiful Anna. He offers his help in exchange for the most intimate, precious gifts she could possibly give. Soon Anna finds herself wanting far more than just his help. But he threatens to consume her and all she holds dear.

Unless she says his name.

Cover Art for SAY MY NAME completed

It’s done, the cover for my very first published book, SAY MY NAME, coming soon from Liquid Silver Books.

Official blurb, excerpt and release date still to come, but for now please join me in marveling at the lovely artwork by Christine Griffin.