13 Life Lessons – 2011 Brithday Edition

Two days ago, I  just celebrated my birthday.  Another year lived.  Another year of lessons learned.  As part of my annual birthday blogging ritual, I’d like to take a moment to share a few of the ones I’ve learned this year (go here to see my previous ones):

  1. Do have a plan.
  2. Do have a backup plan in case the first plan fails.
  3. Don’t overplan. Be careful – it is possible to do so much planning, that you don’t leave any time for actual doing.
  4. Avoiding and ignoring are not the same thing. Avoiding is the prevention of something from happening. Ignoring is pretending that what already happened, didn’t.
  5. Avoid unnecessary drama and your life will be much less stressful.
  6. But not all drama is unnecessary … there are some things worth fighting over, worth getting upset and loud about, worth defending. Learn to tell the difference between what’s petty and what’s hefty.
  7. Sometimes, it’s not what you do that’s the problem. It’s who you’re doing it for and with, and why.
  8. The way you present or position something will drastically affect how it is perceived. Little girls dancing with a horizontal pole? It’s called Ballet and is widely praised. Little girls dancing with a vertical pole? It’s called Obscene and widely detested.
  9. There are some absolutely brilliant, amazing women in this world. Don’t underestimate the female persuasion.
  10. Rebooting fixes way more than just computers.
  11. It’s easy to be your own worst enemy. Stop fighting with yourself and become your biggest champion, your most generous supporter.
  12. Doesn’t matter what you look like – you will find it hard to see the pretty on the outside if you feel shitty on the inside.
  13. The better you understand something, the greater your potential to love it. This goes for works of art, skills, spouses, children, and yourself.

What are some of the lessons you learned this year?

13 Things I’ve Learned From My Mother

My mother and I are very close. And we’ve always been like that since I was a little girl. We read the same books together, dance together, shop together. We talk on the phone for an average of an hour a day, 6 days a week, and have ever since I moved out of the house for college. Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and in celebration of the great relationship I have with my mom, I’d like to share a few of the life lessons I’ve learned from her.

  1. Money can’t buy love or happiness, but enough of it can fool you into thinking so.
  2. If your under garments aren’t right, the entire outfit will be off.
  3. Make sure that he is committed to you and deserves you – don’t give away your love too freely. Why would he buy the cow if he could get the milk for free?
  4. Spend a little, save a little, and you’ll be fine.
  5. There’s no such thing as having too many pairs of shoes.
  6. It’s not good to be too anything. Too frugal, too spendy, too loose, too uptight. Always try to find a balance.
  7. Sales and coupons are a savvy shopper’s best friends.
  8. It’s not about how much money you have, but how well you manage the money you do have.
  9. You don’t have to impress anyone but yourself.
  10. If you’re going to be a doctor, be a good doctor. If you’re going to be a mother, be a good mother. If you’re going to be a thief, be a good thief. Whatever you decide to do – put your all into doing it well.
  11. The easiest way isn’t always the best way.
  12. Don’t let a job stress you out – you don’t live for a job, you have a job so you can live. But it’s just one of many jobs – either let it roll off your shoulders or replace it when you’ve had enough.
  13. Mothers and daughters can be great friends.

I love you mom.

13 Life Lessons

As you know, I just celebrated a birthday last week.  Another year lived.  Another year of lessons learned.  I’d like to take a moment to share a few (go here to see the ones I shared previously):

  1. Before you can be true to anyone else, you have to be true to yourself.
  2. The older you get, the harder it is to break bad habits.
  3. You’d be surprised by what you can get if you only just ask.
  4. The term “Common Sense” is really quite a misnomer. It isn’t all that common, nor is it a sense.
  5. Times have changed. If you think you can make it JUST by relying on an employer for financial security, you may be putting yourself and your family at risk.
  6. The ones you fight with the hardest tend to be the ones you love the most.
  7. Doesn’t matter how well they get along or like each other. If a pair of partners aren’t both working towards the same shared, clearly understood goal, the partnership is headed for big trouble. Be the partnership a marriage, business partnership or project team.
  8. Sometimes you have to be the “bad guy” in order to save the day.
  9. I am not the exact same person today I was 20 years ago, or 10 years ago, or even a year ago. And I’m happy about that – I’m changing because I’m growing, maturing, evolving.
  10. I’m beginning to bet that more relationships fail because one person didn’t change, more-so than because they did.
  11. Parents don’t always know what’s best.
  12. There’s no point in complaining about it if you’re not going to do anything help make it change.
  13. If you insist on trying to take large, rapid steps there, you’ll likely wear yourself out before you even come close. But take it one focused, determined, small step at a time and chances are high you will eventually get there.

What are some of the lessons you learned this year?

Life Lessons

I recently celebrated my birthday.  Another year lived.  Another year of lessons learned.  I’d like to take a moment to share a few:


  • The easiest way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a new, good one
  • Those that don’t believe in karma are usually hit the hardest by it
  • You’d be amazed by how many people’s days you could brighten if you would just smile … even your own crappy ones


  • With true love, the affection and attraction increases – instead of diminishing – over time.  I fall more in love my fat-head husband each day
  • There is no such thing as hiding anything from a significant other.  Eventually it WILL be brought to light
  • A lot of people out there are really struggling to find and hold onto love


  • People often treat strangers better than than they do their own family
  • Children are living reflections of their parents.  Watch what you do in the mirror …
  • Children really do help keep you young.  Our kids have us running, hopping, jumping, bike riding, dancing, singing, skating, skipping, swimming, spinning, sliding, learning (I just learned that sooo many fun things to do start with the letter ‘s’!), teaching, visiting amusement parks … and constantly smiling and laughing


  • I love writing even when it earns me $0
  • There’s no such thing as not having enough time to write.  Write a page, write a paragraph, write a sentence.  As long as you write something everyday, you are making progress.


  • I used to think that being an independent woman meant that I shouldn’t depend on anyone but myself.  Now I believe that being an independent woman means that I can make it on my own if I have to … as a lady in love, I don’t have the need nor the want to
  • Every year I look back on the previous one and say “Boy was that DUMB of me!” about at least 1 thing
  • I really hate hate