Follow-up To Guest Appearance on “The Drea and Milana Show”

catoutofthebag_msrDid you miss yesterday’s episode of The Drea and Milana Show where I was a lead guest? No worries – you can still check out the recording! The hosts have organized a contest where if you listen to the excerpt from one of my books that was read on air and answer one or more the questions asked, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win either a signed promotional copy of the first book in my “By The Tail” series, or a $10 gift card!Even if you did manage to catch the show, I recommend giving the recording a listen so you can hear what went on in the after show, including yet ANOTHER contest that was mentioned.We had such a fun time. Click here to go to the episode and either press the play button or download link to listen to the recording. Be warned though: it was ratchet!  Which is just how I like it. *laughs softly*

For those of you who listened in, joined the chat or called in, thank you SO MUCH! You helped make the evening a very fun one. It was my first live interview, and I was so NERVOUS, but everyone was so open and easy to talk to. I luv you! *hugs and kisses all around*

And a super big THANK YOU to Drea Riley and Milana Howard for having me on their show!


NOTE: On Wednesday, May 14th, Drea and Milana will announce the winners of the two drawings mentioned on the show. So make sure to check their Facebook page (or check back here) next week to see if you are a winner! SEE THE UPDATE BELOW


UPDATE May.21.2014: A winner has been selected! Congratulations Cherryce on winning the $10 giftcard!

My Interview with Beautiful Trouble Publishing

I was recently interviewed by the hilariously bad and sexy ladies at Beautiful Trouble Publishing for their August newsletter. I had such a good time doing this interview, I wanted to share it on my blog.  (You can visit their website and sign up for the full newsletter.)

BTP: Our little posse has been planning TRT2EARTs (The Road Trip 2 End All Road Trips) for a while. Where are the MUST GO stops for you and your posse? What music are you listening to on the way there? What are you riding in on your adventure?

TC: Any place where we can be drunk and half naked (or be drunk and watch other half-naked people) is a MUST GO stop. This could be a beach, a bar or my basement. We‘re listening to Prince sing Darling Nikki while riding in a little red corvette.

BTP: You have a magic wand and you can make three changes within the e-Publishing industry. What are they and why?

TC: Even faster response times, more open minds, and 50% royalties as standard for all formats, all for obvious reasons.

That would take some serious magic, though.

BTP: What characters are in your literary harem? On your literary Sh*t List? In your literary hall of fame?

TC: In my harem: Legolas, Dr. Jackson Avery, Superman/Clark Kent, Cat Woman, Hancock and Lara Croft

In my hall of fame: Zoe from “Serenity”, Celie from “The Color Purple” and Charlotte King from “Private Practice”

On my sh*t list: That clown in Steven King‘s “It”. Also every slimy alien that Ripley had to deal with.

BTP: Seriously, if someone dropped ten million dollars in your lap would you show your entire a$$ or be all classy as you went about the business of being rich?

TC: If I‘m ten million dollars rich, I‘d have no choice but to be classy about it. Being a b*tch with ten million dollars could put you on a hit list real quick. Or at least make it hard to hire good help.

BTP: Kindle? Sony E-reader? Nook? I-Pad?

TC: Nook. Just bought one.

BTP: If you could, what hero/heroine from any books/movies/television series (besides your own) would you pair up and what genre would that story fit in?

TC: The character Lynn from the show “Girlfriends”, and the tenth Doctor from Doctor Who. It’d be an interracial, time-travelling, sci-fi, erotic romance.

BTP: What turns you on?

TC: You want to turn me on? Stimulate my mind with clever, intellectual conversation.

Then spin me around, push me up against the wall, and roughly kiss the back of my neck.

BTP: Have you ever had a character or book that you felt needed defending? Did you do it?

TC: So far every story I‘ve written, even just for fun, has been a little off in some way. Spouses cheating with their in-laws. Sex with goblins. Vampire Elves. Drug addicts in space. Sex crazed ghosts. Fortunately, since all but one of them are still works in progress of some sort, I haven‘t had to defend them to anyone but myself. And my poor husband who reads them and looks at me like I‘m crazy.

BTP: What has been the most gratifying experience for you involving your publishing?

TC: Writing the words THE END and thinking to myself, “now that‘s a good book”. Having someone – even if it‘s just one person – say they enjoyed what I wrote.

My publishing journey is only beginning. I‘m so glad that I finally found the courage to just start it.

Author Interview: S.K. Yule

Today I’m sharing brief interview I conducted with my friend and fellow romance author S.K. Yule. Her latest book, DEMON SCORNED, was just released last week, so I thought I’d take the time to talk with her a little bit about herself and the book.

What is your favorite subgenre of romance?

My favorite subgenre to write in at the moment (and probably always) is Paranormal Romance.

Why paranormal?

I love anything that has to do with romance, monsters, ghosts, vampires and horror. Anything that goes bump in the night is exciting to me, not to mention the hot male lead who makes it all okay.   : )

How many books have you written and published so far?

At this date, I have written three full length novels and five novellas. I also have three full length novels and one novella in the works. I currently have two full length novels and three novellas published.

Your latest book, DEMON SCORNED, just came out last week. What kind of book is it, and what is it about?

Demon Scorned is a Paranormal Erotic Romance novella. It is about Dante, a demon of justice who is forced to kill another demon for attacking Lena, Dante’s sister. But, Bianca, who is sister to the demon Dante executes, takes him prisoner. She does not know what her brother did to deserve such punishment, and her grief forces her to carry out a precarious plan to avenge his death.

Dante, turns the tables on Bianca, but both find themselves falling for each other. When they are forced onto a tumultuous journey together, their growing love urges them to take a closer look at the important things in life.

Heh, prisoner, punishment, precarious – that’s my kinda book. *grins* So what’s coming next? What are you working on now?

I am currently working on the third installment of the Darkest Series called Darkest Intentions. I plan to have it finished up within a month. I am also working on Lycan Lust, which is a shape shifter novella, and Possess Me Please which is a Paranormal Romance (ghost). Those I hope to have finished sometime this year. I also have a Menage Historical Romance novella entitled Three Lovers For Lucy which I hope to find a publisher for this year and a Futuristic Romance entitled Warriors of Rion: Bayden which I hope to be finished with either this year or early next year.

That’s a lot of books you’re working on! How do you balance your writing career, family/personal obligations, and other work?

Is there actually a way to balance it? If there is, I haven’t found it thus far. I write every chance I get. That’s the only way I can answer that one.

If you could pass along one thing about being an author to those just starting their writing career, what would it be?

Never, ever give up. If you truly have a heart, a passion for writing, do not ever give up on your dreams. It can be a long, hard road, but if it is something you love, stay stubborn, and keep on track. Make acquaintances with other authors and writers and attend as many writing conferences as you can. But, be prepared to make your own plan and stick to it, as you cannot follow the advice of everyone. Everyone will have a different idea of what you should do to find success. You will ultimately have to decide this for yourself, and stay true to it.

Learn more about S.K. Yule and her books at

Blurb for DEMON SCORNED by S.K. Yule

After Dante, Demon of Justice, executes his sister’s murderer, he is imprisoned by Bianca, Demon of Scorn, sister to the man he’s killed. The daily tortures make his blood boil, yet he begins falling for his sexy tormentor. Still, grief and pride conspire, keeping him from explaining his actions to her.

Bianca can’t imagine why her brother deserved Dante’s execution. And, after a plan to avenge his death backfires, she becomes Dante’s captive. More troubling, she is falling in love with him.

Can Dante and Bianca overcome their differences and a journey to hell to find true love?