GREENER GRASS – Excerpt #2

Here is a second excerpt from the very first full-length novel I finished, called GREENER GRASS.  Since it just sits aorund collecting dust, I’d thought I’d share one of my favorite scenes from it.  (Click here to read the first excerpt posted.)


     Vanessa turned over on her pillow and looked at the clock on her nightstand.  It was six thirty in the morning.  She didn’t need to be awake for another hour, but she was wide awake right now.  Kevin, the early riser, usually left the house for work at about six twenty and so she knew that he was already gone.  She tried closing her eyes and forcing herself to go back to sleep, but was unsuccessful.  After lying there for another ten minutes, she decided to go along with her body and start the day off early.

      She went into their bathroom and washed her face and brushed her teeth.  The master bedroom only had a private half bath, and there was now a guest staying in the house, so she grabbed her bathrobe off the hook on the back of the bathroom door before she went out into the hall to go to the main bathroom to shower.

      As she got closer to the bathroom she was startled to hear the sounds of an electric razor, and wondered if Kevin was running late that morning.  The bathroom door was open, and instead of her husband she found his brother there leaned over the sink and close to the mirror shaving his face, with a bath towel wrapped around his waist.

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I’d like to share an excerpt from chapter 2 of THE BEAUTY OF DEATH. Since the entire scene is a bit too long to post here, I just included a few pages from it. It is not a complete scene and you may be kind of left hanging, but I think it may be a good way to at least introduce the two lead characters.


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This is from the first novel I wrote called GREENER GRASS. It doesn’t fall in the fantasy, science fiction, or even the romance genre, really. I look back at it now and giggle a little at how much my writing has grown since this. Perhaps some day when I have become bored with unusual romances I will return to this book and treat it to an edit.  Click here to see another excerpt from this book.

     She was not having nearly as much fun as he was. The feel of the rough cotton sheets underneath her bare skin, the constant high-pitched squeaking of the metal bed frame, and even the smell of the sweat forming on his skin was giving her far more irritation than he was giving her pleasure.

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HARD DRIVE – Excerpt

I am participating in an online writing course, and this week’s assignments required that we write a scene from our novel-to-be’s in the First Person POV. This is some random scene from a science fiction romance novel I am working on that I will call HARD DRIVE. It is from the perspective of the main female character. I usually only write fiction in Third Person, so this was an exciting exercise for me. Thought I’d share it. 🙂

I pulled the armor over my head and hesitated. The injection was going to hurt. It always did. It never seemed to bother the others as much as it did me, but I wasn’t going to let them see that.

Especially not him. There was no way in hell I was going to allow him to see me wince, in weakness.

With his rippling biceps and broad shoulders, I bet a harpoon being shot into his forearm wouldn’t faze him. He was a cold, solid, unmovable wall of a man. And he was always so fruddy sure of himself. Well, he did have good cause to be – he was almost fruddy perfect.

Almost. But he wasn’t going to win because he wasn’t me. And because the strategy he so vehemently supported was flawed. That position was mine! I was going to make sure that nothing stood in the way of me and the captain’s chair on that new ship. The only thing he had a leg up on me in was in regards to his insane muscular mass and much harder chest.

Nothing that a little visit to the Gene Genie and a prescription for some testosterone and further genetic modifications couldn’t fix on a gal like me.


I watched as he traversed the room, shaking everyone’s hand as he introduced himself, his face a chiseled statue of power and control. To my dismay, as he neared me that peculiar thing happened again. My pulse quickened and my breathing grew strained. As I bent my arm to offer him my hand, I found that it was shaking. Why in the fruddy hell? Was I afraid of this man? Jealous? Allergic? What?
“Commander Tirani.” He nodded at me, his hand hanging in the air as he awaited my response. There was no expression on his face, but something in his eyes as he looked at me made me feel very vulnerable.



I pushed the injection button on my suit and allowed the shot of Rage to flow through my veins. It stung something awful, but boy, what a relief it was to feel that Rage. What a relief it was to feel anything other than the nothing I was expected to feel and the something that this male made me not want to feel. I smirked at him as I firmly took his hand and shook it briefly but hard.

“Commander Kim,” I nodded back at him.