SFR Shindig

The SFR (Sci-Fi Romance) Shindig at The Galaxy Express is still going on!

Today I’m participating with a post about some of my favorite SFR recommendations, and I’d love it if you could join me and maybe share some of yours. You have until midnight, Saturday May 2, 2015 to enter for a chance to win the ebook give-away package (a Kindle gift card and 7 ebooks, including my erotic sci-fi romance WAY OUT OF CONTROL) by just leaving a comment on my post or any of the other participating authors’ posts.

I look forward to seeing you there! <3


UPDATE ON MAY 5, 2015:

A winner has been selected! Congratulations Dirtyfemme! I will be contacting you via email to deliver your prize copy of WAY OUT OF CONTROL. Thanks to everyone else to participated!

Win Prizes at the Sci-Fi Romance Shindig

SFR Shindig

It’s only a little more than a week before I re-release my erotic Science Fiction Romance (SFR), WAY OUT OF CONTROL. To celebrate, I’ve joined a group of authors at my favorite Science Fiction Romance blog, The Galaxy Express, for a week of SFR fun!

Starting today, 4/23/2015, there will be a new post everyday by a different author until 5/1/2015 (my post goes live on 4/30/2015).

Stop by The Galaxy Express blog every day and leave a comment for a chance to win prizes while you out some great authors that may be new to you. You have from today until midnight on  Saturday, May 2nd to enter the contest.

Hope to see you there!

May We Be Great!


May is almost over, but it’s going out with a bang! There’s a few exciting things happening over here this week:

  1. I’m a guest writer today over at author Kate Hill’s blog, talking about the difference between romance, erotic romance, and erotica. Check it out, and let me know what you think of my definitions!
  2. It’s release day! The second book in the “By The Tail” series, CAT ON THE FENCE, is available to buy now!
  3. There’s still a few days left in the contest over at Coffee Time Romance where you can enter for a chance to win a $25 gift card! Just scroll down to the first book in the “By The Tail” series, CAT OUT OF THE BAG, and click on the link to enter. A winner will be announced next week.


catoutofthebag_msr CatontheFence_Proof

Follow-up To Guest Appearance on “The Drea and Milana Show”

catoutofthebag_msrDid you miss yesterday’s episode of The Drea and Milana Show where I was a lead guest? No worries – you can still check out the recording! The hosts have organized a contest where if you listen to the excerpt from one of my books that was read on air and answer one or more the questions asked, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win either a signed promotional copy of the first book in my “By The Tail” series, or a $10 gift card!Even if you did manage to catch the show, I recommend giving the recording a listen so you can hear what went on in the after show, including yet ANOTHER contest that was mentioned.We had such a fun time. Click here to go to the episode and either press the play button or download link to listen to the recording. Be warned though: it was ratchet!  Which is just how I like it. *laughs softly*

For those of you who listened in, joined the chat or called in, thank you SO MUCH! You helped make the evening a very fun one. It was my first live interview, and I was so NERVOUS, but everyone was so open and easy to talk to. I luv you! *hugs and kisses all around*

And a super big THANK YOU to Drea Riley and Milana Howard for having me on their show!


NOTE: On Wednesday, May 14th, Drea and Milana will announce the winners of the two drawings mentioned on the show. So make sure to check their Facebook page (or check back here) next week to see if you are a winner! SEE THE UPDATE BELOW


UPDATE May.21.2014: A winner has been selected! Congratulations Cherryce on winning the $10 giftcard!

May Contest – Enter to win $25!

enter to winThe final edits on CAT ON THE FENCE have been completed. Yay! So you know what that means, right? The cover reveal and the release date will be coming very soon. So to celebrate the upcoming release of book 2 in the “By The Tail” series, I have a month-long contest going at Coffee Time Romance & More where I’m a Featured Contest Author! Enter before this month ends for a chance to win $25 and a promotional copy of the first book in the series, CAT OUT OF THE BAG. It’s easy to enter – just go to the contest page, scroll down to my book and click on the link next to it to fill out the form. Check back here by June 5 , 2014 to see if you’re a winner.

Good luck!

UPDATE June.05.2014: A first place winner has been selected! Congratulations Donna L. – your $25 gift card is in your inbox! Second place winners Joy I. and Gloria … your prize has also been emailed to you. Congrats to all, and thank you everyone who participated!

Coffee time romance  two


Winter Blogfest Contest!

winter blogfest 200

Hope you had a very merry Christmas everyone! I sure did.  I had a blast spending time with family.

But the party’s not over yet…

Today I’m crashing the winter celebration over at Long and Short Reviews with a guest blog post. Go on over and read my post about how HOT winter can really be 😉 and just leave a comment to be automatically entered in a contest to win a prize. Then come back on Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013 to see if you are a winner!

Happy Holidays, and good luck on winning this Christmas gift from me! <3



Tati’s Weekly Checkup: 08.08.2011 & Giveaway!

The Good:

My third book, sci-fi novella WAY OUT OF CONTROL, comes out next week on August 15, 2011. It stars a bi-racial cop, a female doctor who’s cautious of men, a crazy science experiment, and sexual tension so intense, it’s borderline dangerous. My most explosive story yet!

You can learn more about this story on the book’s page. If you’ve already read the excerpt, you may want to take another look at it as I’ve just updated it with the final, edited version which includes a brand new, sexy flashback scene.

The Bad …

… is far outweighed by the good this week, so let’s skip this section, shall we?

The Work In Progress:

Oh my goodness, my muse has been all over the place, and so at this exact moment in time I have … *pauses to count* FIVE (that’s 5 ya’ll) manuscripts in various phases of in-completion. I’m setting myself a goal to finish at least one of them by the end of this month, and I’m letting you all know so you can help keep me accountable.

The Appreciated & The Giveaway:

Exactly one year ago, I became a published author. Nervous, a little sheepish, and worried about never finding any readers or support. I’m still just as nervous and sheepish, heh, but I no longer agonize about whether or not anyone cares to read any of my work.

Thanks to you.


Without you reading my books, visiting my blog (even you quiet lurkers), leaving supportive comments and sending me emails to personally tell me how much you enjoyed my stories, I might have lost the courage and motivation to continue to pursue publishing.

So in effort to show my appreciation to my supporters, I’m going to giveaway a free digital copy of WAY OUT OF CONTROL to two people who have read one of my books and share their review of it by 7pm central on Saturday, August 13, 2011. Enter by leaving a review for SAY MY NAME at, SAY MY NAME on Barnes and Noble’s website, or  THE SUMMONING on If you’ve read both of my books or would like to share your review on more than one website, each review posted will count as a separate entry. Winners will be announced by 6pm Sunday, August 14, 2011.

(If you haven’t read any of my books yet, there’ll be a chance for you to win WAY OUT OF CONTROL in a different contest next week, so stay tuned!)

Tati’s On The Loose & Holding a Contest @ Obfuscation of Reality

Want it, but don’t have a copy of my first ebook yet?

Today I’m a guest blogger over at Obfuscation of Reality. I’m talking about why fairy tales are hot, and we’re holding a contest where the winner will get a free copy of my fantasy romance SAY MY NAME.

I hope to see you there!

The Gift of Giving (And a Contest!)


Okay, the months seem to be shrinking as I get older. I could swear that I was just shopping for Halloween costumes a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m shopping for Christmas which is just a couple of weeks away. I hope this isn’t a progressive trend as the years go by, because at this rate by the time I’m 40 a whole year will feel like just twelve weeks.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with me getting older. Maybe I’m just anticipating the Holidays a lot more than I used to. Not because I’m looking forward to receiving gifts – there’s not even anything that I want for Christmas. As cheesy as it may sound, it’s the giving of gifts that I’m really looking forward to. My heart warms and swells at the thought of seeing the looks on my little boys’ faces when they wake up on the 25th and cheer what Santa will left them underneath their tree this year. I look forward to the smiles from my parents when they see what I’ve gotten for them, and get phone calls from my friends about packages from me they received in the mail. Even the husband might get me in special stockings – er hm, I mean get something special in his stocking from me. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

The spirit of giving is definitely with me this year. How about you?

And speaking of giving – a pal of mine has a contest going on over at Obfuscation of Reality where a signed urban fantasy book is being given away to a winner. If you like urban fantasy as much as I do, you should go check it out!