Taking a Step Backward

Optimist Cha ChaWhat’s that you say? Summer has come and gone, but there’s still no sign of the 3rd book in the By the Tail” series? Where’s Cat Under Keeps? Well, I was hoping to wait until I had something more concrete to share, but I’d like to communicate right now why there’s a delay, what’s changed, and what you can expect.

First, there’s been some major changes at one of my publishing houses. Sadly, my beloved editor is no longer working at my publisher. Losing her felt a lot like losing a close writing buddy, and I lost all of my momentum on that series when I learned that she wouldn’t be able to continue working with me on the series. I do not currently have another editor assigned, and with all of the other changes and uncertainty about their new editorial process and potentially changing publishing strategy, I decided it would make sense for me to take a pause on that series until I have more clarity on the direction the publisher of those books is taking. I’d hate to continue to put in a lot of hard work and effort on something that may not get to go out to the world exactly the way I would like it to. So there will likely not be any more of my Werecat stories coming out in 2014, and I cannot say just yet when they will.

So I’m temporarily putting the “By The Tail” series on hold while I  re-prioritize and restructure my writing career plan. The timing of this is actually just right, considering that I am getting the rights back to my first three novellas by the end of this year — which I will update, get new covers for, and re-release — and am also taking a step back to rethink my marketing and branding strategy to better enable my potential audience can find my stories. I have several changes planned for 2015, and will be using the remainder of 2014 preparing for them, as well and finishing up a book or two that I have been working on.

I’ll have more details on this soon, so stay tuned!



5th Book in BY THE TAIL Series

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Ever have what you thought was just a teeny tiny idea, but it kept growing and growing in scope? Well, it turns out that  my werecat shifter series, By The Tail, was a much bigger story than I’d originally thought. It has now gone from a 3-book series to a 5-book one, since I’ve just officially signed another contract with Ellora’s Cave! The new book is called Cat On the Sly. While I’ve been working on book 3, Cat Under Keeps, I found myself having a hard time keeping some of the side conflicts and new ideas that continue to pop into my mind as I’m writing to minimum. There was enough exciting, romantic, sexy content for an entirely separate book, and that’s how Cat On the Sly was born. It comes after Cat Under Keeps but before Cat In Demand.

This is the new (and hopefully final) book order for the series:

  1. CAT OUT OF THE BAG (By The Tail, Book 1)
  2. CAT ON THE FENCE (By The Tail, Book 2)
  3. CAT UNDER KEEPS (By The Tail, Book 3)
  4. CAT ON THE SLY (By The Tail, Book 4)
  5. CAT IN DEMAND (By The Tail, Book 5)

Here’s a quick, rough blurb for By The Tail Book 4, CAT ON THE SLY:

What if you discover that you are the enemy?

The Werewolves are in trouble.  Especially Quinn – one of the few female Werewolves in existence, and the only one she knows of. They are at war with the Werecats, whom she despises. But while captured and being interrogated by male Cat Shifter Justin, both of them find their worlds turned upside down as they discover that Werewolf Quinn is also a late bloomer Werecat. Which side will she take?

What happens when a female Late Bloomer gets bitten by a rabid Werewolf before she learns that she is a Werecat? How will Pride leader Justin Finland react to a hybrid creature? Yup, that’s right, our favorite good guy to hate, Justin, is getting a book! I’m hoping to complete the manuscript for CAT ON THE SLY before November. I’m still working on book 3, CAT UNDER KEEPS in the meantime, with an expectation for it to go on sale this fall  (if life, work and my muse will let me be great, that is).

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New Contract!


As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago on my update post, my werecat shifter series, By The Tail, has gone from a 3-book deal to a 4-book one with Ellora’s Cave. Now that the title has been approved and the contract signed and countersigned, I can happily say that it’s official! A new story has been added to the series, this one is called Cat Under Keeps.

While I was finishing up book 2, Cat On the Fence, I realized that there was no way I could fully convey what was happening between the Werewolves and the Werecats, and resolve it all,  in just one more book — I need at least one more before the final one. I felt compelled to tell a story from the perspective of a female Werecat held captive by two male Werewolves with indecent intentions, and came up with CAT UNDER KEEPS.

So now, here is the new book order for the series:

  1. CAT OUT OF THE BAG (By The Tail, Book 1)
  2. CAT ON THE FENCE (By The Tail, Book 2)
  3. CAT UNDER KEEPS (By The Tail, Book 3)
  4. CAT IN DEMAND (By The Tail, Book 4)

Here’s a quick, rough blurb for By The Tail Book 3, CAT UNDER KEEPS:

Outgoing, extroverted Kenya is a Werecat who finds herself captured by two rabid Werewolves with lewd  intentions for her. She initially agrees to remain their captive in exchange for her life, thinking that she only needs to cater to them long enough to plot her escape or her brethren to come to her rescue. That is, until Kenya learns the Werewolves’ true motives. What she knows and what she feels — and what she does about it — has the potential to either exacerbate or end the brewing war between The Werewolves and The Pride.

What do the Werewolves  want with a female Werecat? And can she, should she, give it to them? Yes, it is a M/F/M story, and it is going to be SCORCHING HOT! It is still a work in progress, but I’m hoping to finish the manuscript by the end of next month.

In the meantime, the cover design and edits for book 2 are well underway, and I’m expecting CAT ON THE FENCE to come out sometime this spring. Stay on the lookout for the exact release date!

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 Learn more about the other books in this series on my coming soon page.