5th Book in BY THE TAIL Series

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Ever have what you thought was just a teeny tiny idea, but it kept growing and growing in scope? Well, it turns out that  my werecat shifter series, By The Tail, was a much bigger story than I’d originally thought. It has now gone from a 3-book series to a 5-book one, since I’ve just officially signed another contract with Ellora’s Cave! The new book is called Cat On the Sly. While I’ve been working on book 3, Cat Under Keeps, I found myself having a hard time keeping some of the side conflicts and new ideas that continue to pop into my mind as I’m writing to minimum. There was enough exciting, romantic, sexy content for an entirely separate book, and that’s how Cat On the Sly was born. It comes after Cat Under Keeps but before Cat In Demand.

This is the new (and hopefully final) book order for the series:

  1. CAT OUT OF THE BAG (By The Tail, Book 1)
  2. CAT ON THE FENCE (By The Tail, Book 2)
  3. CAT UNDER KEEPS (By The Tail, Book 3)
  4. CAT ON THE SLY (By The Tail, Book 4)
  5. CAT IN DEMAND (By The Tail, Book 5)

Here’s a quick, rough blurb for By The Tail Book 4, CAT ON THE SLY:

What if you discover that you are the enemy?

The Werewolves are in trouble.  Especially Quinn – one of the few female Werewolves in existence, and the only one she knows of. They are at war with the Werecats, whom she despises. But while captured and being interrogated by male Cat Shifter Justin, both of them find their worlds turned upside down as they discover that Werewolf Quinn is also a late bloomer Werecat. Which side will she take?

What happens when a female Late Bloomer gets bitten by a rabid Werewolf before she learns that she is a Werecat? How will Pride leader Justin Finland react to a hybrid creature? Yup, that’s right, our favorite good guy to hate, Justin, is getting a book! I’m hoping to complete the manuscript for CAT ON THE SLY before November. I’m still working on book 3, CAT UNDER KEEPS in the meantime, with an expectation for it to go on sale this fall  (if life, work and my muse will let me be great, that is).

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