Do You Believe in Angels?

blue-roseDo you believe in angels? Guardian spirits?

I don’t. Or so I try to tell myself. My mind tells me that such things are improbable. But my heart says something else. Deep down, I have always felt protected, guided. By someone or something unseen and unclear to me. It’s something I don’t talk about much. I’ve tried to deny it, but it has been impossible to ignore.

Apparently, you don’t have to believe in angels in order to have one looking out for you.

But anyways. Last weekend my wonderful mother-in-law was visiting. She and I were chatting and watching the History Channel when the program Angels: Good or Evil came on which immediately grabbed our attention. It inspired my mother-in-law to relay the near-death experience she’d had several years ago after a car accident, in which she encountered several angels – one of which told her to “go back” because it wasn’t her time yet. She told me that event made her look forward to becoming a spirit herself and learning more about what was on “the other side”. Her confessions, that television program and my own personal experience solidified this idea for a novel that I must write sometime in the not-too-distant future. I told her about my story idea, and how I was going to dedicate it to her. She smiled and said she’d really like that.

Just 4 days later, days after her visit with us was over and she went back home, my mother-in-law unexpectantly died.

Now I am sitting with my family in a hotel room in my mother-in-law’s home town, the day before her memorial service. After days of crying with my husband over the sudden loss of his mother, I suddenly feel this wave of tranquility come over me. Almost as if I were literally being hugged by peace.

So today I believe in angels moreso than ever. How about you?