SFR Shindig

The SFR (Sci-Fi Romance) Shindig at The Galaxy Express is still going on!

Today I’m participating with a post about some of my favorite SFR recommendations, and I’d love it if you could join me and maybe share some of yours. You have until midnight, Saturday May 2, 2015 to enter for a chance to win the ebook give-away package (a Kindle gift card and 7 ebooks, including my erotic sci-fi romance WAY OUT OF CONTROL) by just leaving a comment on my post or any of the other participating authors’ posts.

I look forward to seeing you there! <3


UPDATE ON MAY 5, 2015:

A winner has been selected! Congratulations Dirtyfemme! I will be contacting you via email to deliver your prize copy of WAY OUT OF CONTROL. Thanks to everyone else to participated!

Win Prizes at the Sci-Fi Romance Shindig

SFR Shindig

It’s only a little more than a week before I re-release my erotic Science Fiction Romance (SFR), WAY OUT OF CONTROL. To celebrate, I’ve joined a group of authors at my favorite Science Fiction Romance blog, The Galaxy Express, for a week of SFR fun!

Starting today, 4/23/2015, there will be a new post everyday by a different author until 5/1/2015 (my post goes live on 4/30/2015).

Stop by The Galaxy Express blog every day and leave a comment for a chance to win prizes while you out some great authors that may be new to you. You have from today until midnight on  Saturday, May 2nd to enter the contest.

Hope to see you there!