My novella SAY MY NAME contracted with Liquid Silver Books

I’ve got great news!! I just recently signed my very first publishing contract!

My novella SAY MY NAME is the retelling of the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin as a sexy fantasy romance (isn’t that how the story was meant to be told?). I began working on it in October of last year and finished polishing it this January, and now I’m pleased to announce that it has found a home with wonderful ePublisher Liquid Silver Books.

It’s still too early for a release date and I have yet to even think about cover design or a finalized blurb, but all of that is soon to come so stay tuned for more updates!

**dances off the stage**


  1. HOLY BALLS!! That's amazing – congratulations!! YAAAAYYYY!!!!

  2. *dances on the ceiling with Lionel Richie*

  3. I am really happy for you!

    I've been doing some writing lately myself, as per our exchange on your site a couple of months back.

  4. FubsyNumbles says:

    Well well well……Mrs Caldwell. A great moment for me to enter onto the site. Well done Mrs! I don't know the full – ahem – story, but being someone who makes his own moooozic, but struggles with a perfectionist streak and the perenial fear of failure, I can only say WELL DONE!!

    And, I've had a quick peek….like the blog. Nice idea with the thirteens (now THERE'S a good name for a band…..)

    • *drops a curtsy*

      Welcome to my place, FubsyWubsy, thank you for visiting and saying such nice words! Trust me, I know what you mean about perfectionism and fear but at some point we've just got to PUT IT OUT THERE! So get that music out there, my friend! Ha, Thirteen is SO a good name for a band!

  5. marvellous news…. more mother's day goodness for you….congratulations and well done….

    *high fives and does 'the bump'*…

    (i'm reaching back and bringing back 'the bump' for you…!!)

  6. Woo hoo!!!! CON…GRAT…U…LA…TIONS!!!! Fabulous! *does the soft shoe shuffle*

  7. Tatiana,

    Congratulations!!! Yay! 😀 So happy for you. This is me doing a happy dance. 😉

  8. Wannabear! I shrieked in my head when I first saw the announcement on FB but forgot to drop a note here. I am so excited!

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