No Big Deal

Not like that. That’s not how I should have discovered.
Unsuspecting. Spectator. Justification.
But when confronted with evidence that I’d just uncovered,
Embarrassment. Bafflement. Fabrication.

You lied.

You looked right at me and you lied.

I don’t care about your old bitches.
I’m more concerned about failed tries to hide.
Random hoes from the past don’t even get me tripping
Half as much as purposeful present day lies.

You say it is old. No big deal.
So silly of me to have cried.

But you lied.

The fact of the matter is you lied.

You told me that you could never lie to me.
But if that was a lie, which truth should I ever believe?
You tell me that it’s the same. It’s not the same.
I had told you we should end it. Even told you his name.

I have never, ever, while looking into your eyes
Flat out lied. Just plain lied.

No big deal, you describe it.
That was nothing. No need to shout.
The nothing, must mean something to you…
You left something for me to learn nothing about!

Ancient drama – irrelevant long time.
You say “forget about it”. And I tried.

But you lied.

How can you be true to me when you lied?

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