My Novella WAY OUT OF CONTROL Contracted


I just received a third publishing contract! This one is for WAY OUT OF CONTROL, a titillating, “light-sci-fi” romance.

Here’s a teaser blurb:

A doctor must help seek a cure for a man transformed into an uncontrollable monstrosity due to scientific meddling with his DNA.

But in order to help him, she must get close enough to him to risk her very life … and more.

Liquid Silver Books is the publisher, and I look forward to having another release with them. Stay tuned for more info!


  1. Thanks Savannah!

  2. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!!! I can't wait! I've got The Summoning and will be snuggling down with it this weekend with a nice glass of wine and now more coming! *joins you dancing*

  3. This sounds good Tatiana. I lurv me some SFR! This one sounds almost like a horror type work though. How interesting. Stretch those boundaries!

    • Good point, Yvette. This one really could just as easily be labeled as a paranormal romance, though. (The book I'm writing now however is a true SFR). I will discuss the proper genre classification of this with my editor.

  4. Wooho huge congrats on the new sale….The book sounds fantastic…

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