My novella THE SUMMONING contracted with Liquid Silver Books

Good news! I’ve just been offered a second publishing contract!

Here’s a teaser for my novella, THE SUMMONING, which is a sizzling paranormal romance:

Gailyn Bridges is a psychic who summons a powerful spirit to help save the would-be victim of a crime.

But who’s going to save Gailyn when the mysterious spirit returns to collect payment for lending her his power?

It’s going to be published by Liquid Silver Books, and I’m quite excited. Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. HUGE CONGRATS! So happy for you!

  2. Kick ASS!! *monstersmooch* Congratulations, darlin!! :o)

  3. congratulations.. ::blows kisses::… well done!

  4. This is my favourite story you've done… it's just nasty for no reason. Looove it.. loove you. COngrats! Always got your back, babe!

  5. Yahoooooooooooo!!!! *makes folder on hard drive entitled The Collected Works of Tatiana Caldwell*

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