My Inspiration for CAT OUT OF THE BAG

sofia1Ahem. **taps the mic**

Please allow me to share with you my inspiration for writing CAT OUT OF THE BAG, and the By The Tail series. (Note: this in an excerpt from the Cat Out of the Bag Extras page).

There’s this long-time running joke between my husband and I that I am more cat than human. Here’s just a few pieces of “evidence” he loves to use:

  • I was born under the Leo zodiac sign
  • These days I often sport a mane of thick, wild, frizzy hair
  • I climb all over him and often sit or lay on him (which he loves)
  • Big Cats are my favorite animals and cats are my favorite pets, and until recently I have almost always had a cat
  • I give love sniffles and nibbles

I could list more, but you get the gist. So it was only natural that I felt compelled to write a series about Werecats, right?

The first chapter of CAT OUT OF THE BAG takes place on an airplane, and was inspired by my active and very naughty imagination while sitting in very close quarters next to a stranger on a small plane with super tight seating. I kept thinking during that entire flight, “Damn – we’re so close up on each other, we might as well be lovers.”

… And my muse went on from there.

Just in case you were wondering though, no actual cats, people or shifters were hurt or violated during the making of this book. Well er, um, husbands don’t count.

Learn more behind-the-scenes info about this book on the EXTRAS page!


  1. Annnnnnnnd just like that, I have my reason not to visit you. I’d probably miss my plane home fooling with you and your family.

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