This is from the first novel I wrote called GREENER GRASS. It doesn’t fall in the fantasy, science fiction, or even the romance genre, really. I look back at it now and giggle a little at how much my writing has grown since this. Perhaps some day when I have become bored with unusual romances I will return to this book and treat it to an edit.  Click here to see another excerpt from this book.

     She was not having nearly as much fun as he was. The feel of the rough cotton sheets underneath her bare skin, the constant high-pitched squeaking of the metal bed frame, and even the smell of the sweat forming on his skin was giving her far more irritation than he was giving her pleasure.

     She stared up at the blank ceiling in frustration as he leaned down closer to her and began pumping harder and grunting louder as his climax approached, his breath hot and moist against her ear. From her perspective, he seemed to be just mindlessly pounding at her, not even trying to hit her spot. But she was too frustrated to try to ask him to change positions, too shy to beg him not to cum yet, too aroused to tell him to stop, and too bored to even pretend to be getting off. She only focused on the ceiling fan that hovered above the bed. She imagined that she could make the blades spin with just her thinking about it. But both she and the fan remained motionless.

     Just as he released himself into her, Vanessa glanced over at the alarm clock on the bedside table to catch tonight’s finish time. The red digital numbers informed her that it was ten thirty-eight pm. The clock had read only ten thirty-three when he first climbed into bed and on top on her, making this love-making session an even shorter one than the last one about a week ago. She hadn’t thought that would be possible.

     Kevin shuddered one last time and kissed her on top of her lips before rolling off of her to the right side of the bed. Vanessa tried really hard to refrain from screaming aloud as she heard him pull up his boxers and begin to snore just a few seconds later, which was more than a just an indicator that he was completely finished for the evening.

     Instead of screaming at him however, she turned to look at him, his thin frame appearing even smaller in the shadows of the dark room. She studied him for a moment, looking at his well-barbered, neatly-trimmed black hair and long neck, trying to decide if she wanted to hug him or smack him. Ultimately she opted for neither, and sighed softly as she pulled the blue cotton sheets up over his lean and lanky, cocoa-brown bare body and slipped out of the bed.

     As soon as she stood up and began to step away from the bed she stubbed her foot on the leg of the oak nightstand hard enough to topple the items that rested on it. She swiftly reached over to catch the lamp and the clock before they went crashing to the floor. She quietly put them back on the table and hobbled backwards to the bed to sit down and rub her sore foot. She looked over her shoulder at her husband to see if he had been disturbed by the commotion. Kevin simply turned over to his side and started snoring even louder. Vanessa sighed heavily and rolled her eyes. He’s not concerned about my well-being in this bed at all. Neither when he is awake or asleep! She thought to herself with disdain.

     Vanessa turned back around and switched on the small table lamp that she’d just knocked over to brighten the room a little before getting up from the bed this time. After quietly searching through the covers for a moment, she finally located the white cotton panties that Kevin had pulled off of her and tossed over onto the floor. She stepped into them tentatively – hating to put on soiled underwear but hating even more to soil her bare thighs with her husband’s blissful residue.

     Vanessa treaded softly across the plush carpeting of the large bedroom over to the dresser and examined her reflection in the mirror. Her thick, chemically relaxed dark brown hair was still pretty much in a neat bun – Kevin had generated only enough friction to barely cause a single strand to come loose.

     Looking back over her shoulder at her sleeping husband, she contemplated waking him up and demanding that he complete the job that he had started. But she concluded that an attempt like that would only be a waste of time, since lately Kevin seemed to think that the deed was done just as soon as he was.



  1. Torrance Stephens bk says:

    i felt as if i were there, i could see it, ice blog hon and keep on writing,

  2. Man Wanna, sounds like how I was feeling before i split… Get out my head LEO… good job though.

  3. Verbal Vixen (T Cald says:

    Thanks Torrance – I can't tell you how much I appreciate the feedback.Queencaty – heh, no wonder you split! It is cool to hear that you can relate to that story.

  4. great exert. I loved how the reader got to step into her mind. And while she is going through so much her husband is completely oblivious is something a lot of women can related to.I need some writing tips woman!

  5. Verbal Vixen (T Cald says:

    Thank you kindly MsPuddin'. Yeah, I think a lot of women would be able to relate to this novel. I also play on the alternate perspective of this in the in the book, by pointing out that the main female character does very little to vocalize her wants and needs to her husband yet expects him to just "figure it out" that she is unsatisfied. I wanted men to be able to relate to this story as well, as there is something I am trying to point out to both genders.

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