GREENER GRASS – Excerpt #2

Here is a second excerpt from the very first full-length novel I finished, called GREENER GRASS.  Since it just sits aorund collecting dust, I’d thought I’d share one of my favorite scenes from it.  (Click here to read the first excerpt posted.)


     Vanessa turned over on her pillow and looked at the clock on her nightstand.  It was six thirty in the morning.  She didn’t need to be awake for another hour, but she was wide awake right now.  Kevin, the early riser, usually left the house for work at about six twenty and so she knew that he was already gone.  She tried closing her eyes and forcing herself to go back to sleep, but was unsuccessful.  After lying there for another ten minutes, she decided to go along with her body and start the day off early.

      She went into their bathroom and washed her face and brushed her teeth.  The master bedroom only had a private half bath, and there was now a guest staying in the house, so she grabbed her bathrobe off the hook on the back of the bathroom door before she went out into the hall to go to the main bathroom to shower.

      As she got closer to the bathroom she was startled to hear the sounds of an electric razor, and wondered if Kevin was running late that morning.  The bathroom door was open, and instead of her husband she found his brother there leaned over the sink and close to the mirror shaving his face, with a bath towel wrapped around his waist.

      “Hey.”  Andrew greeted her, briefly glancing at her reflection in the mirror. 

      “Good morning, Andrew.  Sorry, I didn’t realize that you got up at this time of the morning.”  Vanessa glanced back at his reflected face, trying hard not to let her eyes even scrape past his shoulders, back, or tightly wrapped towel.

      “Yeah, always get up ‘round five and work out before I shower and head out.”  

      “Oh, good idea!  I need to start working out myself and loose a few pounds,”  Vanessa said, slapping at her own bottom.

      “You don’t need to loose no weight.”  Andrew disagreed, eyeing her through the mirror. 

      “No really, I have a few extra pounds that I need to shed.”

      “Don’t look like it.”

      “Well, that’s because I hide it well.”

      “How much you weight?”

      “That’s none of your business!”  Vanessa cried out.  Andrew put his razor down and walked over and stood in front of Vanessa.  He studied her up and down for a long moment.  She returned his gaze with a puzzled look, when suddenly with one swoop he lifted her up and off of her feet.  He held her in the air for a few seconds as she stared down at him in bewilderment.  Then he gently put her down on the floor and turned back toward the sink.

      “Five feet, five inches, a hundred and thirty pounds.  Like I said, you don’t need to loose no weight,” He said nonchalantly as he picked his razor up again.  She blinked in bewilderment at his accuracy as he continued to shave his chin as if lifting people and accurately guessing their weight was a normal part of his morning routine.

      “What are you, a human scale or something?”  Vanessa muttered under her breath loud enough for him to hear.

      “Maybe.  Or maybe I just already knew how much you weight.”  Andrew replied, trying to refrain from grinning as much as possible while removing his facial hair.

      Vanessa put her hands on her hips as she glowered at him, but with a playful smirk on her face. “But if you already knew how much I weight, why would you bother to pick me up?”

      “Maybe I just needed an excuse.” 

      “An excuse for what?  For snooping and finding out how much I weight or for making fun of me first thing in the morning?”

      “To touch you,”  he said.  Vanessa opened her mouth to reply, but she found herself stiff and blushing, and very uncertain just how to respond. But a second later Andrew laughed.

      “Just really good at guessing stuff like that, that’s all.”   

     Vanessa growled at him and shook her head, still blushing.  “How much longer are you going to be?”

      “Be done in a minute,”  he said after a brief pause as she was already on her way out of the bathroom.  She went downstairs and started the coffee maker up and she was on her way back upstairs to the bathroom when she heard the door to the guest bedroom close shut.

      Vanessa went into the bathroom and made certain to close the door behind her.  She took off her robe and nightgown, folded them neatly and placed them in a tidy pile on the counter top.  She studied her bare body in the mirror for a few moments, wishing her breasts were just a little larger and fuller, and that her hips were just a little wider.  She shivered a little in the morning chilliness of the bathroom and aborted her self-study to put a shower cap on her head to keep her hair from getting wet, and started up a warm shower.

      The water felt good and relaxing, and she closed her eyes in comfort.  She wet her face and then tilted her head back so that she could feel the shower trickle down her neck, fall onto her breast and then between them, and roll down onto her stomach.  Vanessa stepped directly underneath the nozzle and felt the water slip over her shoulders, now also warming and soothing her chilled back and bottom.  She felt heavenly.

      When she stepped back a bit to rub the water out of her eyes, a strange feeling overcame her.  She turned her head and peered through the frosted glass of the shower door and saw that the door to the bathroom was slightly ajar.  Upon focusing her eyes again, she saw a figure standing in the door – half in and half out of the bathroom.  Watching her. 

      She froze for a second in panic because the figure was not her husband’s, but then calmed a little bit because she knew that the perpetrator was not there to harm her.  She stared directly in his direction letting him know that she knew he was there, but he just kept gazing right back and didn’t budge.

      Vanessa stood there in the shower for a brief moment, watching him watch her, nothing breaking the silence but the pattering of the shower water hitting the tiled floor.  And it was the sound of the water falling that eventually and totally relaxed her, and she turned to continue her bathing even though there was an intruder. 

      He just wants to watch me, she concluded to herself.  And I think I want him to watch me.  She slowly picked up the flower-scented soap from the dish and rubbed it in her hands under the water.  Then in long, slow motions she worked her soapy hands over her neck, caressed her breasts and hardened nipples, and then glided down and over her belly.  She put one leg at a time up on the small ledge to lean over and wash them, periodically checking her peripheral vision to make sure the peeper was still there.  She let her fingers run up the back of her legs and thighs and then to her butt – her most prized asset – and drew sexy, soapy circles on them. 

      Then she turned around and slowly backed into the falling water, relishing both the shower of the water and the shower of Andrew’s eyes on her bare body.  She bathed in the attention, splashed in the appreciation, and almost drowned in the eroticism of it all.

      When she turned off the water and slowly slid open the shower door, there was no one there.  She began to contemplate the idea that she imagined it all, but then she saw that the door was still cracked slightly open.  She slowly walked over to it and this time locked it shut. 

      She grabbed her towel off the rack and began to dry herself off, her entire body still trembling a little from the jolt of excitement.  She looked at herself in the mirror as she dried off, and this time her breasts seemed a little bit fuller, and her hips just a little more shapely. 


  1. nonotthejacket says:

    Damn! I'm glad I read this at the end of the work day instead of earlier… That was very, very good. Very evocative and I felt like I was the one in the shower doing all that.

    Whoo Lawd, why don't I have anybody to call and flirt with right now?!?

    *walks out fanning self*

  2. Loved it. Great attention to detail…and whoo, I got a little caught up in that. Who doesn't fantasize about a little voyeuristic action every now and again?

  3. Thanks nonot and Dani! I appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment! 🙂

  4. Uh oh. I sense trouble for the wife and brother-in-law. Could he be giving her the attention that she lacks from her husband? Sounds like she's in bliss. Then again, I might be a little more frightened at the fact that he only peered through instead of making his presence more known.

    Nice read.

  5. Verbal, verbal, verbal…

    You are such a good writer, and I know this well because each and every time I get to the end of the story I have to go back and read it again. I like the way you build the excitement in your work. Just a good and clean and well-written piece, as usual.

    Why didn't you let me know that you had posted? I thought I had subscribed to the blog, but I see it didn't work.

    I am impressed with your pen. I have a longgg ways to go before I am this clean. Good stuff.

  6. Okay, T. This was good. Have you considered submitting this at some point, or have you decided against it? 🙂

  7. Heh heh, yes Jewells all of your senses are indeed on the right track with this story!

    Aww Don,I figured everyone who wants to see it will eventually. There is no rush to come here, as I certainly take my time to post. Thank you though and really – you know that you are one talented writer. Stop talking yourself down while trying to pump up my head!

  8. I don't know Tyhitia, I am undecided at this time about what I will do with it, if anything.

    I actually did submit it once – to exactly one market – and it got as far as two full reads from the editors (after I made their requested edits in between) before I got a no because I did not get full buy-in. Not too bad for my sole submission, but since then I've changed gears quite a bit and I had lost my passion for this type of story (non-paranormal AND not-exactly romance). We'll see what the future brings, I guess.

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