Divorce! (A Song)

Due to time constraints, unfortunately there is not a new completed graphic short story this week. Expect to see one next week, though!

I would like to share this funny song I wrote a couple years ago for no good reason. PLEASE NOTE that it is just a song and in no way reflects my real life! My husband has not been busted acting up and we are certainly not discussing a divorce!

However, whenever he is getting on my nerves, I do often sing the chorus to him! Ha! Please don’t ask me to sing it for you all, though. Trust me, I can write songs waaaaay better than I can sing them.


I am unhappy with you
Wish you did what you used to
Hate the shit that you do, do
Wonder why I said I DO

You used to say that you love me
You’d put no one else above me
Now you don’t even hug me
Or even stop to think of me

When I speak you don’t hear me
I feel no love when you’re near me
There’s no comfort when I’m teary
And you’re always gone…SO THAT’S WHY WE ARE

We’re gonna get a divorce!
You and me we, are through!
I am so done, with you!
Doo-doo Doo Doo Doo-doo!

Tired of all of your lies
Done with all of my cries
This relationship I now despise
You’ve used up all of our tries

I’m not taking no more, now
Go on out with your whore, now
Don’t have to sneak out the door, now
Just don’t come back no more, now

Didn’t have to confess, I just know
Now you know that I know, so just go
And I was faithful to you, though
And you’re so wrong…SO THAT’S WHY WE ARE

We’re gonna get a divorce!
You and me we, are through!
I am so done, with you!
Doo-doo Doo Doo Doo-doo!


  1. Mizrepresent says:

    Well, i have most definitely sung that song before…lol!

  2. funny song, verb. lol.

  3. Z'maji of Haute says:

    Oh Okay, is this like the quiet before the storm and then while he's sleeping and the sound of his breathing is slowly driving you insane and then you go the garage and get them big ass pruning shears and cut of his penis and fry it up for him to eat for breakfast?!………of course if you cut it off, breakfast will be the last thing on his mind……..what was we talkin' about?

  4. Verbal Vixen I haven't posted here before but always dig your work. But in honor of my secret readership and devotion, I tagged you at my blog. Blame Slaus. See the post for the details.

  5. Verbal Vixen (T Cald says:

    *nods at mizrepresent* See, you know where this song is coming from then! Hee hee!Thanks Don. I know it is goofy, but I thought I'd share it anyways.Z – *backs away slowly* You are crazy, my friend! lol~Thank you folk, I certainly don't mind the lurking. Or the tag! Thanks for reading!

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