Discovering My Niche

So while on my break from crying over my rejections and snarling at my writing, I bought a few recently published books that sparked my interests. Oddly enough, the five books that I picked up all had dark covers with pictures of either half-naked men on the front or a couple engaged in a passionate embrace. Now, this was very surprising for me because it had been a long time since I’ve been interested in true romance novels. Erotic stories – yes. Romantic movies – oh yes, I have always been in love with those. But I’d gotten bored with romance novels at one point in my life. It had seemed to me that they were all about men in frilly blouses and fainting women wearing corsets and longing to marry a man who was just as hunky as he was rich. Blegh.

But alas – these romance novels are not of the ordinary garden variety. They all focus on the sexual tension of developing couples where at least one lover is a mythical creature, such as a vampire, demon or werewolf. The authors have created these fantastical, romantic worlds out of their imaginations, and in addition to the romance there is plenty of action, adventure, danger and eroticism.

And just like that, I’m hooked on a new genre; Paranormal Romance. It includes fantasy and science fiction sub-genres as well – two of my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE things!

Where have you been all of my life, you amorous aliens and dirty demons? I think I LOVE you!

So. I’ve been greatly inspired to start a new project – try writing a paranormal romance novel, as one of those mean agents who refused to read my novel suggested I do. I already have a great story and characters in mind, I just need to fully imagine the world I want to place them in. My toes are curling just thinking about this next book! Will this be my niche? Stay tuned and find out!

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