Check it out! The cover for CAT ON THE FENCE – By the Tail, Book 2:

(Karabi Mistry looks lovely, doesn’t she?)

Coming May.28.2014



Here’s the official blurb for CAT ON THE FENCE:

How do you choose between being with someone you love and being true to yourself?

The last thing Karabi wants after dumping her clingy boyfriend is a new relationship. She’s a Werecat shifter and romantic involvements with normal humans are challenging to say the least. However her clashes with the frustratingly hot new guy at work, Alex, are tinged with a lust that’s impossible to ignore.

Alex throws professionalism out the window the first time he gets Karabi alone, sexing her up atop Willis Tower. But unbeknownst to them he’s a “Late Bloomer”, a Werecat whose powers haven’t manifested until adulthood. As their first sexual encounter reaches climax he shifts uncontrollably.

Suddenly Alex is thrown into the dangerous world of Werecats and Rabid Werewolves. With each passing day his sexual voracity increases but unfortunately so does his feral nature. To give Alex the help he needs, Karabi must face the Pride and play by their rules—both of which she’s fiercely rejected.

Click here to learn more about CAT ON THE FENCE. You can learn more about the “By the Tail” books on the series page.

This book goes on sale next week!

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