Taking a Step Backward

Optimist Cha ChaWhat’s that you say? Summer has come and gone, but there’s still no sign of the 3rd book in the By the Tail” series? Where’s Cat Under Keeps? Well, I was hoping to wait until I had something more concrete to share, but I’d like to communicate right now why there’s a delay, what’s changed, and what you can expect.

First, there’s been some major changes at one of my publishing houses. Sadly, my beloved editor is no longer working at my publisher. Losing her felt a lot like losing a close writing buddy, and I lost all of my momentum on that series when I learned that she wouldn’t be able to continue working with me on the series. I do not currently have another editor assigned, and with all of the other changes and uncertainty about their new editorial process and potentially changing publishing strategy, I decided it would make sense for me to take a pause on that series until I have more clarity on the direction the publisher of those books is taking. I’d hate to continue to put in a lot of hard work and effort on something that may not get to go out to the world exactly the way I would like it to. So there will likely not be any more of my Werecat stories coming out in 2014, and I cannot say just yet when they will.

So I’m temporarily putting the “By The Tail” series on hold while I  re-prioritize and restructure my writing career plan. The timing of this is actually just right, considering that I am getting the rights back to my first three novellas by the end of this year — which I will update, get new covers for, and re-release — and am also taking a step back to rethink my marketing and branding strategy to better enable my potential audience can find my stories. I have several changes planned for 2015, and will be using the remainder of 2014 preparing for them, as well and finishing up a book or two that I have been working on.

I’ll have more details on this soon, so stay tuned!



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THE SUMMONING Nominated for Best Erotic PNR Of the Year



I’m happy to share the news that my novella THE SUMMONING is up for an award!

It’s been nominated at The Romance Reviews for Best Erotic Paranormal Romance – Angel and Demon (2011).

This is my very first award nomination, and so I’m feeling quite excited. And a bit nervous – I’m still very new to all of this, and I’m up there with some fabulous authors. :-)

One winner in each category will be selected based on the number of votes. Voting is open now, and closes on Wednesday, November 30, 2010. Results will be announced on December 1. If you like, you can vote for THE SUMMONING here.

Thank you so much your support in helping me get here! **smooches**


The Romance Review

Guest Post & Giveaway With Author Mima

There aren’t many things I enjoy more than good stories, sex & romance, and games. So today I’m especially excited to have romance author Mima, who just published a trio of interactive fiction with a promise of adventure and sexy fun.  Read her post below to learn more about her latest books, her thoughts on taglines, and her geeky awesomeness. Plus there’s also a chance to WIN a free book.  Don’t forget to check out her website for more of her work.

Enjoy, and good luck!

The Power in a Tagline

Tatiana’s website has a wonderful tagline. “Making Fantasies Take Flight” makes me imagine a honking huge dude, nekkid, with really cool tattoos (sorry. I’ve been brainwashed by the last few years of NY romance covers) and enormous black wings. Feathery wings, wide and tapered like a raven’s. He’s crouched on the edge of a flat-top city brick building about to jump. It’s a lovely mental image, but it’s mine and I bet a lot of people have a totally different, unique mental image when they read that tagline.

Take Control Trilogy

Tatiana invited me over to her pad to help celebrate the release of my three interactive romances. These choose your own adventure-style romances give the reader a choice and what they decide makes the story diverge to one of several different endings. Tatiana and I both loved the books as a kid, and she’s really supported me in my project.

The tagline for my series, called Take Control, is “Take control and brave the fates, for true love is hard to find.” I’m trying to do three things with this tagline.

  1. Embed the series name in the reader’s mind.
  2. Inform the reader that they are in charge and it isn’t all smooth sailing. This warning is imperative when selling to romance readers who demand HEAs. Because some of my endings are decidedly not HEA.
  3. Assure a reader who starts reading a Take Control and might get frustrated with the first few stories not being happy that the romance exists.

One of the stories in the book is definitely a romantic, sexy, swooningly-satisfying fairy tale ending. So keep trying. There’s a bunch that are sweet in each book, but only one where the heroine rides into the sunset on the hero’s white stallion (Disclaimer! That doesn’t happen in any of them, even the western. It’s just a metaphor. No spoilers here.) Although interestingly, I’ve heard from a few readers and their favorite endings vary and haven’t been the fairy tale.

When I make a picture in my mind for this tagline, I see the Prince from Sleeping Beauty, reins of the frantic stallion in one hand, sword in the other, giant briars all around. There’s struggle. There’s danger. Be resolute and persevere. In other words, don’t stop reading after your first “The End” because otherwise you’re not really “getting” the book.

I hope the tagline inspires you to try Becca, the scifi (Aliens! Mobsters! Heat pistols!), Lauren, the contemporary western (Rattlesnakes! Bar Fights! Rustlers!), or Charlotte, the paranormal (Mermaids! Evil fairies! Moon magic!). All of the opening chapters are available for reading at any of the sales sites. Other excerpts are at my website, http://www.mimawithin.com along with reviews.

Do you have a mental image created by either Tatiana’s tagline “Making fantasy take flight” or my series tagline “Take control and brave the fates, for true love is hard to find”? If you share it in the comments, you’ll be entered to win your choice of a Take Control book. So what picture springs to your mind?


NEW RELEASE: Far From Perfect by Portia Da Costa

Portia Da Costa’s first book from Samhain just released!

Far From Perfect

Enduring passion, turbulent emotions, and an engagement of convenience…

Anna Felgate and Nick Lisitano shared a night of passion together four long years ago, and even though the sex was perfect, the emotional aftermath and the estrangement that followed were about as far from perfect as it’s possible to be. Both strong willed individualists, they’ve been keeping their distance ever since – even though they both secretly admit that they’re still hot for each other. But the best laid plans of estranged lovers never run smoothly, and a crisis in Nick’s family brings the two of them back together again. For the sake of his ailing father, Nick proposes a daring plan – a temporary engagement – and even though she knows she’s playing with fire and putting her heart in deep peril, Anna is compelled to agree to it.

Can these two former lovers pull off their deception without tearing each other apart in the process?  And will they manage to resist their mutual desire and keep their hands off one another… or will they plunge headlong into an affair, perfect or otherwise?

Read an excerpt

Read a longer excerpt at Google Books

Read an excerpt and BUY from Samhain

Guest Blog: Paige Tyler

Today I have a guest blogger! Friend and fellow Romance Diva, Paige Tyler is here. She has a book which just came out that I am practically dying to read. I’ll let you read her post below to understand why ….


Thanks so much for letting me guest blog today!

Readers often ask me how I come up with ideas for my books, so I thought I’d give you a little behind-the-scenes peek at how I came up with my new release, a paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave called DEAD SEXY.

Before I say anything else though, isn’t that cover too hot for words?! When the art department sent it to me, I probably gazed at it for a good ten minutes in mouth-drooling appreciation before I could email them back telling the artist it not only rocked, but totally fit the book. The hero is “Dead Sexy,” after all!

Okay, back to the story and how I came up with it. First, to set the stage, I need to share a little something with you about myself. Well, about my hubby and me, actually. We love zombie movies, from the George Romero gems to Shaun of the Dead and everything in between, including “Walking Dead,” the new series on AMC. You just can’t go wrong with a movie full of walking dead people, can you? Well, if you’ve ever seen a zombie movie (or even you haven’t), then you know the creatures aren’t the heroes of the film. I mean, how can they be, right? They’re all dead and decayed and downright unattractive, not to mention pretty damn scary. Which was why you can imagine my surprise when my hubby suggested I write an erotic romance about a zombie hero. I was like, you’re kidding, right? What woman in her right mind would fall in love with a dead guy? No way could that possibly work, or so I thought.

Turns out, my hubby wasn’t kidding. In fact, he started working up ideas for the story.

“The hero didn’t have to be a zombie all the time,” he told me. “Think outside the box – take a little literary license!”

Okay, I thought. I suppose I could be open minded.

My hubby told me that in his out-of-the-box world, the hunky hero got cursed by an evil Voodoo priestess and only turns into a zombie sometimes.

“I’m listening,” I said.

“And when he does go zombie, he doesn’t have to be like the kind in the movies,” my hubby added. “Well, he has to look like one, you know all dead and stuff, but he doesn’t have to be a mindless creature or attack humans or eat anything gross.”

So, brains are completely out, thanks goodness!

“Think Jensen Ackles or Jared Padelecki, with a really, really, really dark tan – (yes, my hubby knows I’ve got a thing for the Supernatural hunks!) – well, maybe more gray and black than tan, but you get the idea.”

I thought about that for a minute. “So, the hero’s dead, but he’s still sexy, is that what you’re saying?”

“Exactly,” he said, giving me a grin as my eyes lit up with understanding.

By that point, my hubby had pretty much sold me on the idea. Of course, I knew if I ran with it, I was going to have to sell it to a publisher, and I knew that could be tough since the hero is a zombie. But I ran with it anyway and ended up with a full-length novel. And it came out pretty damn good, if I do say so myself! I still had to find a publisher for it, though.

About this same time, It just so happens that several of my other books were in the process of being picked up by Ellora’s Cave and I thought what the heck? Why not pitch it to my editor there and see what she thinks? So I did, and she told me to send it to her. She was interested to see how I handled the whole zombie-thing. Well, long story, short, she liked it. A lot! My zombie romance with it’s dead-sexy hero had a home! I was thrilled and my hubby walked around for a week with a smug, “I-told-you-so” look on his face.

I’ve been getting the word out there about DEAD SEXY ever since I signed the contract for it and I’m thrilled with the interest from readers who can’t wait to get their hands on it! I can’t wait for them to read it, too!

Now that I’ve revealed the story behind the story, I thought I’d share the blurb and an excerpt just to whet your appetite for more!


Romance author Simone Kent thinks she might just have found the most perfect guy in all of New York City – in bed and out. But Drake Parrish is about as far from perfect as any man can get. Eight years ago, he was cursed by an evil Voodoo priestess to live part of his life as a zombie. Since then, he has lived like a recluse on New York’s Upper East Side, afraid to go out for fear he’ll suddenly turn into one of the walking dead.
The sex if the hottest either of them has ever experienced and Simone discovers just how naughty she can be with Drake, while he finds himself feeling things for her that he hasn’t felt in a very long time. When the Voodoo priestess learns of their relationship, however, she comes after him again. She is determined to make sure he won’t have a future with Simone, even if that means killing both him and the woman he loves.


As she led him up the steps to the second floor, Drake found himself wondering if she would ask him in. And wondering what he’d say if she did. When they came to a stop outside the door to her apartment, Simone turned to give him a smile.

“I had a great time tonight.”

“Me, too.”

She caught her bottom lip between her perfect white teeth and chewed on it thoughtfully as if unsure what she wanted to say next. It was probably an unconscious gesture, something she did whenever she was thinking, but to him, it was sexy as hell and all he could think about was kissing her.

Surely, one kiss couldn’t hurt. He desperately wanted to. He hadn’t kissed a woman in so long. It would be nice to see if he still remembered how.

Before he could stop himself, Drake tilted Simone’s face up to his and pressed his mouth to hers.

She tasted just as sweet and delicious as he thought she would. Her lips were soft and pliant under his as she kissed him back, her tongue eagerly seeking his out.

Drake groaned and slid his hand into her hair, deepening the kiss. Simone sighed into his mouth, running her hands up the front of his shirt to grasp his shoulders. The feel of her touch was like a tonic to his deprived soul and he let out another groan, deeper this time.

He ran his free hand up her side and around to her breast, cupping it through the soft material of her dress. He couldn’t stop himself and apparently, Simone didn’t want him to. She moaned and arched against him. He could feel the heat of her pussy through their clothes as she pressed up against his hard cock. Damn, she felt good.

Drake drew her bottom lip into his mouth and gently suckled on it before slowly kissing his way along the delicate curve of her jaw. Simone clutched his shoulders and tilted her head back. He eagerly trailed a path of hot kisses down her neck, then back up, his mouth finding hers again. Simone looped her arms around his neck, pulling him in even closer as their tongues met.

Down the hall, a door slammed, reminding him where they were.

Drake dragged his mouth away from hers, his breathing ragged as he tried to regain control. He had to get it together because he was about five seconds away from doing something really stupid. Like taking her to bed. “I should go.”

Her lips curved into a sexy, flirtatious smile. “Or you could stay.”

God, how he wanted to. But as much as he’d love to spend the rest of the night exploring every inch of her body, he couldn’t take the chance he might go zombie on her right in the middle of sex. Talk about coitus interruptus, And it had already been almost four days since he last turned, which meant he was already pushing his luck.

“You don’t know how much I want to,” he groaned. “But I can’t.”

Simone looked up at him with those big, blue eyes. “Why not?”

“Because I…” He hesitated, trying to come up with something that would sound believable. “I have a column due in the morning and I haven’t even started on it yet.” She knew all about deadlines, so she would understand that. Besides, he did have a column to write, it just wasn’t due until next week. “Rain check?”

She looked disappointed, but she smiled anyway. “Absolutely. How does coming over for dinner tomorrow night sound?”

It would be crazy to agree when he could be so close to having an episode, but he couldn’t say no. Not when she asked in that soft, sultry voice. “Sounds great.”

“Good. Be here at seven.”

“Seven it is.”

She pulled him down for another long, slow kiss on the mouth. “Don’t be late.”

His mouth twitched. “I won’t.” He bent his head to kiss her again, then groaned. “If I don’t go now, I’ll be here all night.”

Simone laughed. “Would that be such a bad thing?”

“Not to me, but my editor at Money Issues might not be too understanding when he doesn’t find my column sitting in his inbox tomorrow.”

She sighed. “Deadlines can be a real pain in the butt sometimes. Okay, go home and write your column. I’ll cuddle up with a bowl of ice cream instead.”

He chuckled. “Sounds better than taking a cold shower, which is what I’m going to be doing when I get home.” He closed his mouth over hers once more. “See you tomorrow night, beautiful.”

Resisting the urge to pull her into his arms again, Drake turned and walked down the hallway toward the stairwell. At the top of the steps, he glanced over his shoulder to see Simone standing where he’d left her, a sexy curve to her lips.

It took every ounce of strength he possessed not to go back and pin her against the door for one more long, lingering kiss. God, what he wouldn’t give to spend the night with her. Man, it was going to take more than a cold shower to get her out of his head.

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt and that you can’t wait to read more! You can get DEAD SEXY from Ellora’s Cave at http://www.jasminejade.com/ps-8917-50-dead-sexy.aspx

You can also check out the trailer here!

If you decide to pick up DEAD SEXY, let me know how you like it!




NEW RELEASE: Sleeping With The Wolf, by Maddy Barone

Debut author Maddy Barone’s very first book, Sleeping With The Wolf, was just released from Liquid Silver Books.


Rising country music star Carla boards a plane in the year 2014. But it crashes in the future, fifty years after Armageddon has destroyed technology and plagues have reduced the female population to a precious few. She finds herself offered as prize in a Bride Fight, where only the strongest and fiercest men are allowed to compete to win a wife. Alpha werewolf Taye knows Carla is his mate. He wins the Bride Fight and takes her to his den, ready to give her everything, even his heart. Will Carla ever be ready to give him anything?

Read An Excerpt Here

NEW RELEASE & CONTEST: Kiss of the Rose, by Kate Pearce

Kate Pearce’s new release, KISS OF THE ROSE, The Tudor Vampire Chronicles, is out today (and I so plan to get it)! There’s a contest on her site where you have a chance to win the book and more, along with additional information. Check out the excerpt below:

Kiss of the Rose

First in a sexy new series that takes a bite out of the court of King Henry VIII

Desperate to defeat King Richard III and gain the English crown, Henry Tudor made a pact with the Druids that bound him and his heirs to the Druid’s deadly struggle against the Vampires. Ever since, the Llewellyns, an ancient Vampire slaying family, have been in the permanent employ of the monarchy.

Now Henry VIII is on the throne, and his father’s bargain has almost been forgotten. Until corpses drained of blood start turning up in the most inappropriate of places, including the king’s bedchamber. But are these people the victims of the Vampires-or of the Druids?

To save the king from a nameless assassin, Rosalind Llewellyn, Vampire hunter extraordinaire, must form an uneasy alliance with a known Druid slayer. Sir Christopher Ellis hails from a family that has protected the Vampires for centuries, yet Rosalind has no choice but to rely on his help. And with her life threatened and her loyalty tested, Rosalind may even have to acknowledge the unthinkable. This sworn enemy may be her soul mate.

NEW RELEASE: Possess Me, by R.G. Alexander

Author R.G. Alexander’s New York debut, POSSESS ME, just released today! (Sounds good, doesn’t it? I like New Orleans and the paranormal, so will definitely check this one out!)


In the Big Easy, there’s a legend women long for: a sexual voodoo spirit who can fulfill their darkest fantasies. And in these three steaming-hot novellas, he helps three New Orleans couples achieve the ultimate satisfaction…

Release Me

When Allegra heads down to New Orleans to heal her wounds, she never expects to lose her heart to such a quiet, troubled man as Rousseau. She’s even less prepared for the scorching, sexual spirit within him—and what he can do to her…

Reclaim Me

Ben has loved Michelle as long as he can remember. But his beautiful artist has a way of running away from life—and what the pair could be. Leave it to the infamous sexual spirit to help Ben prove to Michelle where she belongs: in his embrace…

Redeem Me

It’s All Saints’ Day, the one day the voodoo spirit can walk the world in the flesh. When he bumps into Bethany, she might just be the reincarnation of a girl he once loved. Passion ignites, but can he overcome past mistakes and fall in love again?

Author Interview: S.K. Yule

Today I’m sharing brief interview I conducted with my friend and fellow romance author S.K. Yule. Her latest book, DEMON SCORNED, was just released last week, so I thought I’d take the time to talk with her a little bit about herself and the book.

What is your favorite subgenre of romance?

My favorite subgenre to write in at the moment (and probably always) is Paranormal Romance.

Why paranormal?

I love anything that has to do with romance, monsters, ghosts, vampires and horror. Anything that goes bump in the night is exciting to me, not to mention the hot male lead who makes it all okay.   : )

How many books have you written and published so far?

At this date, I have written three full length novels and five novellas. I also have three full length novels and one novella in the works. I currently have two full length novels and three novellas published.

Your latest book, DEMON SCORNED, just came out last week. What kind of book is it, and what is it about?

Demon Scorned is a Paranormal Erotic Romance novella. It is about Dante, a demon of justice who is forced to kill another demon for attacking Lena, Dante’s sister. But, Bianca, who is sister to the demon Dante executes, takes him prisoner. She does not know what her brother did to deserve such punishment, and her grief forces her to carry out a precarious plan to avenge his death.

Dante, turns the tables on Bianca, but both find themselves falling for each other. When they are forced onto a tumultuous journey together, their growing love urges them to take a closer look at the important things in life.

Heh, prisoner, punishment, precarious – that’s my kinda book. *grins* So what’s coming next? What are you working on now?

I am currently working on the third installment of the Darkest Series called Darkest Intentions. I plan to have it finished up within a month. I am also working on Lycan Lust, which is a shape shifter novella, and Possess Me Please which is a Paranormal Romance (ghost). Those I hope to have finished sometime this year. I also have a Menage Historical Romance novella entitled Three Lovers For Lucy which I hope to find a publisher for this year and a Futuristic Romance entitled Warriors of Rion: Bayden which I hope to be finished with either this year or early next year.

That’s a lot of books you’re working on! How do you balance your writing career, family/personal obligations, and other work?

Is there actually a way to balance it? If there is, I haven’t found it thus far. I write every chance I get. That’s the only way I can answer that one.

If you could pass along one thing about being an author to those just starting their writing career, what would it be?

Never, ever give up. If you truly have a heart, a passion for writing, do not ever give up on your dreams. It can be a long, hard road, but if it is something you love, stay stubborn, and keep on track. Make acquaintances with other authors and writers and attend as many writing conferences as you can. But, be prepared to make your own plan and stick to it, as you cannot follow the advice of everyone. Everyone will have a different idea of what you should do to find success. You will ultimately have to decide this for yourself, and stay true to it.

Learn more about S.K. Yule and her books at http://skyule.com.

Blurb for DEMON SCORNED by S.K. Yule

After Dante, Demon of Justice, executes his sister’s murderer, he is imprisoned by Bianca, Demon of Scorn, sister to the man he’s killed. The daily tortures make his blood boil, yet he begins falling for his sexy tormentor. Still, grief and pride conspire, keeping him from explaining his actions to her.

Bianca can’t imagine why her brother deserved Dante’s execution. And, after a plan to avenge his death backfires, she becomes Dante’s captive. More troubling, she is falling in love with him.

Can Dante and Bianca overcome their differences and a journey to hell to find true love?