Losing Hope


Here it is, here it is at last! This week’s fantasy graphic short story with more artwork by my wonderful husband. A bit of a different feel as I decided to be bold and try for a different mood than I usually write. I hope you like it!


Slate went to the spot at the river where they always used to meet.It did not feel quite as comfortable now.A single leaf floated down from the sky, causing the slightest of ripples as it hit the water’s surface.Hope would have gone into the water to swoop up that leaf, just because.

He remembered the way she would hold up her bow and aim an arrow, one eye closed and the other eye glittering like a green emerald in her concentration.How many times had she aimed at him and mischievously threatened to shoot if he did not behave?

He could picture Hope there in the river, with her touchable tan skin and mousy brown hair, standing knee-high in the water.

So full of life, grace, and beauty.

He could not believe that he had lost her.

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The Stolen Jewel

covers_stolenjewel_250x363Here is this week’s fantasy graphic short story with more artwork by my talented husband. Enjoy!


The night was still and quiet. Few souls were out within the vicinity. Jewel strode easily towards her destination, enjoying the wind blowing through her hair and the freedom of running with the open ground below her feet. Sunset was rapidly approaching, but she would beat it. She had been staking out this target and his extravagant, secluded home for weeks. She knew within the next few minutes, he would be leaving his house and his guard would be arriving to watch the manor in his absence.

She smiled with pride at her own cunning, and her long ears twitched with giddy anticipation as she thought of all of the riches she would gain with this loot. Once she finished this task, she would have no need to work for quite some time. Jewel certainly would welcome a vacation.

But she was almost disappointed that this job would soon be over. She had thoroughly enjoyed following this particular mark around, as he was quite the optical treat from head to feet. She had even lingered outside of his window to watch him bathe on more than one occasion, with extreme interest at the way he seemed to have jewelry everywhere on his chiseled body.

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Being Sincere


This is a fantasy short story that also showcases the grahic art of my talented husband, Sin Caldwell. We hope to have new stories and original artwork often.

Sincere sat on the floor at the altar of the temple, his legs folded and his hands outstretched. His eyes were closed, but he could sense all four of the spheres carved out of stone nearby, could feel their stationary and heavy mass. He was aware that the sun was rising, and that within the hour this temple of their dark city in the mountains would be flooded with natural light.

Above all though, he could sense that she was there. She was being silent, but her presence could not be mistaken. And it was impossible for him to ignore her. He could smell the familiar fragrance she chose to wear, hear the soft rustle of her silk garments.

“Ebony, I know you are here.”

“I know that you know,” she responded. “I can wait until you are done.”

He concentrated first on levitating one sphere, and then the other, with his mind.Two of the spheres floated high and easy.A third one however barely lifted off the floor, and he could not get the fourth to budge at all.

Sincere opened his eyes and tried his magic again. The result this time was that only one sphere rose.He dropped his hands to his sides and closed his eyes again, then exhaled long and hard.

“You seem distracted, Sincere.”

“And you seem to enjoy distracting me.”

He could almost hear her smile as she spoke. “Maybe I do.”

“What do you want?” His voice was harsh.

“Just to talk.”

He opened his eyes and turned his head to face her.

She was the image of beauty.

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