CAT OUT OF THE BAG is available for sale!

Cat Out of the Bag


CAT OUT OF THE BAG, book 1 in the erotic paranormal shifter series “By the Tail“, has been re-released for sale!

Please note that if you’ve previously purchased CAT OUT OF THE BAG, you don’t need to buy this new edition. Although the book has brand new cover art and a fresh round of edits and has been (slightly) revised,it is still essentially the same story.

There is also now some extra content related to CAT OUT OF THE BAG that I hadn’t previously shared before that is now available here on this website under Extras. Check it out if you’d like to take a peek at the behind the scenes content!



Exhausted with the stressful demands of her corporate job, Sofia takes a trip to California for a therapeutic vacation. On the flight there, she encounters an enticingly seductive stranger who takes her breath away just by sitting near her.

Nathan is damn near driven insane with lust by Sofia from the moment he sees her, but he has a dangerous secret and a singular purpose that keeps him from getting too close. At first.

However, Sofia has a secret too – one so great even she doesn’t know it. Her new burden is not one she can manage on her own, and Nathan breaks all of the rules in order to help her. As the getaway in the mountains brings them closer to nature and each other, Sofia and Nathan discover that they are in danger of succumbing to the wild around them—and within themselves.

Naughtiness Note: This stories includes horny cat shifters, naughty behavior on an airplane, and sex in front of a live audience.


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NOTE: This book was formerly published by Ellora’s Cave under the same title. 

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