The Summoning EXTRAS

The SummoningThis is the Extras page for the erotic paranormal / multicultural novella THE SUMMONING. Here you will find additional behind-the-scenes content and information relating to the story (like extras on a movie’s DVD).

I hope you enjoy!



** Original Publisher and Artwork **

My novella THE SUMMONING was first published by Liquid Silver Books on October 23, 2010. At the end of 2014 my rights were released back to me, and I had it re-published under Verbal Vixen on April 1, 2015.

Here’s the original cover for THE SUMMONING as it was published by Liquid Silver Books.



** Inspiration **

Want to know what inspired me to write THE SUMMONING? Some of you asked, so I’ll tell you.

Remember that funny scene from the original Ghost Busters movie, with Dan Akroyd in bed and the naughty female ghost? I’ve NEVER been able to get that scene out of my head ever since I first saw it in the 80’s. Partially because it seemed so out there in concept at the time, and partially because it also seemed out of place in the context of this particular movie. Oh, and partially because I’m a weirdo and a sexual deviant.


And then there’s extremely romantic tear-jerker, Ghost. A great movie that I can never forget (or ever stop loving!) that also features some supernatural displays of affection. Although the bittersweet ending was very appropriate for the story being told in the movie, I’ve re-written the ending to this movie many times in my head when I was a romance-loving teenager. (Wait, has it really been 25 years since Ghost came out? Yikes, I’m giving away my age, here, aren’t I?)



Finally, the idea of possessing natural psychic abilities has always fascinated me, the concept of invoking spiritual entities to lend you supernatural powers creeps me out as well as intrigues me, and the movie The Craft had both. I loved it!


Mix a together a bowl of funny / naughty / romantic / creepy / psychic powers / sex  and 1 powerful spirit entity, add a dash of external danger, stir in plenty of super steamy scenes, and top with a happy-ever-after ending, and you get THE SUMMONING. Or at least, that’s what I ended up with when I was done baking this fantasy.


** Sample Audio Narration **

I recorded myself reading a couple of pages from THE SUMMONING just for fun.

Listen to my  audio sample of THE SUMMONING


** Related Facts & Trivia **

  • The word demon is often used to describe an evil or malevolent supernatural being, but it does not always have a negative connotation. The Ancient Greek word “daimon” or “daemon” refers to a divine entity or spirit, and  has neither evil nor good connotations. Many references to demons in various religions, mythology, literature and various forms of fiction use the term to describe any spirit or supernatural entity whose intention is unknown.
  • A “demon” is also a metaphor used to describe some psychological concepts. (i.e. “She struggled with her inner demons.”)
  • Many people all over the world and throughout history believe there are supernatural beings that engage in sexual contact of some form with us humans. The Incubus / Succubus demons are the most popularly known. According to legend, the Incubus is a demon who takes on the form of a human male and seduces and impregnates women. It is said that an Incubus will drain his victim of their life energy through sex, which could even potentially lead to her death.
  • The Succubus is the female version of the Incubus, preying instead of men.
  • Many modern religions consider demons and demonic possession and demonic attacks to be real phenomenon, including Incubi / Succubi and other sex demons.


** A Word from Tatiana Caldwell **

I acknowledge that demons are a real and frightening phenomenon for many people around the world, and by no means am I attempting to belittle anyone who does or does not believe in them with the writing and publishing of this story. THE SUMMONING is a work of fiction intended to entertain. Although it is written in the first-person perspective, it is not an account of actual events / experiences.