Cat Out of the Bag

Cat Out of the Bag

Length: 32,164 words (~100 pages)
Series: By The Tail (Book 1)
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Heat Level: Scorching
Publisher: Verbal Vixen
Cover Art: The Digital Hook
Format(s): eBook only
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 (By The Tail series, Book 1)


Exhausted with the stressful demands of her corporate job, Sofia takes a trip to California for a therapeutic vacation. On the flight there, she encounters an enticingly seductive stranger who takes her breath away just by sitting near her.

Nathan is damn near driven insane with lust by Sofia from the moment he sees her, but he has a dangerous secret and a singular purpose that keeps him from getting too close. At first.

However, Sofia has a secret too – one so great even she doesn’t know it. Her new burden is not one she can manage on her own, and Nathan breaks all of the rules in order to help her. As the getaway in the mountains brings them closer to nature and each other, Sofia and Nathan discover that they are in danger of succumbing to the wild around them—and within themselves.


Naughtiness Note: This story includes horny cat shifters, naughty behavior on an airplane, and sex in front of a live audience.

This book was formerly published by Ellora’s Cave under the same title. 




“This smooth flowing plot grabs the reader’s attention at the very beginning and keeps throughout this short fast read.  The author paints this world vivid images and intense passion that captures the imagination and brings the reader right into the story. The chemistry between Sofia and Nathan scorches the reader with every page.” – The Jeep Diva (3.5/5 Stars)

“This was a very enjoyable shifter romance, I loved the main characters’ initial meeting and the world-building is interesting.” – Night Owl Reviews (4/5 Stars)

“The story lingers long after the book has been down. Fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K. Hamilton and Christine Feehan would enjoy reading more Tatianna Caldwell’s books. She is a wonderful introduction to the paranormal romance genre.” – QBR Reviews (4/5 Stars)

EXCERPT from CAT OUT OF THE BAG by Tatiana Caldwell:

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Sofia Saldana expelled a long, deep breath and rubbed her hands down her face as she tried to relax in her seat. She’d almost missed this flight. Stupid job had even had her come in at five that morning to address an issue before she left for her trip. Damn, she hated her boss, that team, that company. It was going to be so good to escape all of that for a full week.

The plane was deceptively calm and quiet as it moved along the runway. Any minute now they’d be picking up speed and the craft would be vibrating with the violent roar of the engines preparing for takeoff. She hated that she was stuck at a window seat. Right at the wing, on top of that. But she’d booked the flight to San Francisco during a last-minute decision to leave New York City for a much-needed seven-day getaway to try to save her sanity, and this was the only seat left. She’d just have to either close her eyes or keep her focus solely on the hardcover novel gripped in her trembling hands.

Small price to pay to not have to worry about the pressures of work for a bit. She just had to make it through these few hours of anxiety.

“Don’t like flying?”

The gruff, masculine voice startled her. She’d barely paid attention to anything at all on the aircraft since boarding it, not even the casually dressed, attractive man she was seated right next to who was now speaking to her. He was in his early-to-mid-thirties, about her age.

“Am I that obvious?”

“Yes. You are that obvious,” he said. The expression on his face was a mixture of concern and amusement.

She gave him a laughing snort and a slight shake of her head. “It’s funny, because it’s not the idea of being high up that frightens me. I’m fine, so long as I don’t look down.”

“Hmm,” he nodded at her. “It’s the same way for me. Which is why I specifically chose something other than the window seat.”

Sofia sat upright and took a quick but full survey of the plane, including the large man at the end of their row, then sighed and leaned back in the stiff airplane seat. “I would have too, if there’d been one available.” She frowned at the window. “If they would let us close the shades during takeoff, it wouldn’t be so bad.”

“I know what you mean. I can’t stand the airlines that enforce that,” he said. There was a brief pause before he spoke again. “But we can switch seats if it would make you feel better.”

“I thought you said you don’t like the window seat either?”

“I don’t. But I can’t relax knowing a lady is sitting next to me shaking in fear because I wasn’t gentleman enough to come to her rescue.”

Her rescue? Sofia winced inwardly as her “potential chauvinistic asshole” alarms went off. She looked up at him again, real good this time, and her defenses relaxed a bit. The smile he was giving her seemed warm, genuine and trustworthy, even. But he had intense eyes—piercing green like malachite—under lush, dark eyebrows. Sinfully thick lips under a straight, well-defined nose and surrounded by a goatee groomed to perfection. This man was so gorgeous, chances were high he could deceive her into believing the sky was burgundy if he said so with those lips.

“That’s kind of you, but I’ll be fine,” she said politely but with finality in her voice. “I’m not that big of a scaredy-cat. I don’t need rescuing.” She tried to look away from him, but his mouth seemed to twitch and his eyes damn near sparkled with amusement at her words.

He flashed bright-white teeth at her. “Okay then. Well, just let me know if you change your mind.”

Muy guapo, she thought. No way was he available. He wore no rings or any jewelry at all, but a man that fine had to have a secret wife, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, someone pining for his safe return.

Sofia couldn’t put her finger on it, but there was something fiercely enticing about this man—even beyond his good looks. The thought crossed her mind that they might have met somewhere before, because the draw to him was so strong. Startling, almost. But as she studied him, there was no visual recognition. From time to time he glanced at her inquisitively, and every time their eyes met, the spark of attraction made her stomach flutter.

She had the most unusual urge to press her lips against his, stroke the black, close-cropped curls on his head, even though she didn’t know a lick about him. She couldn’t even quite guess his ethnicity. His complexion and features were definitely multiracial. African-American, most likely, and something else. White maybe, or perhaps he was even Latino. It didn’t really matter though—he was one hundred percent fine as hell. Plus he radiated “good fuck”, and it’d been oh so long since she’d had one of those.

Scolding herself, she turned her head away from him and the tension between them, only to find herself staring out the window as the plane accelerated. A short, low whimper reverberated in her throat as she anticipated the impending liftoff.

This flight was going to be six-and-a-half hours of pure agony for more reasons than one.