Cat On the Fence EXTRAS

by-the-tail-book-iiThis is the Extras page for the erotic paranormal/ multicultural novella CAT ON THE FENCE, book two in the “By the Tail” series. Here you will find additional behind-the-scenes content and information relating to the story (like extras on a movie’s DVD).

I hope you enjoy!


** Original Publisher and Artwork **

Book two in my “By The Tail” series, CAT ON THE FENCE, was originally published by Ellora’s Cave on May 28, 2016.  In 2016 my rights were reverted back to me, and I re-published under Verbal Vixen Press in December 2016.

Here’s the original cover for CAT ON THE FENCE as it was published by Ellora’s Cave. This is absolutely lovely artwork, although the woman on this cover doesn’t exactly look like my heroine.



** Current Cover **

The current cover for CAT ON THE FENCE was created by my husband and founder of The Digital Hook. This gorgeous new cover represents the main character much better, I think, and makes it much more clear that this is the second book in a series.




** Related Facts & Trivia **

CAT ON THE FENCE is an interracial romance, with an Indian heroine named Karabi Mistry. I first started dreaming up Karabi while watching the gorgeous actress Archie Panjabi play the character Kalinda Sharma on “The Good Wife“.

archie1 archie2


And here are a couple of pictures that I used for inspiration when writing about Karabi and Alex in their cat forms:

cheetah-face tiger-blue-eyes