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Let’s see, what should I tell you about me? I’m an IT geek who happens to also be a vixen with an overactive imagination. I will write anything from programming code to smoldering erotica, so long as it involves brains or sex. Preferably both.  😉

I’m a published author of erotic romance in several sub-genres, including paranormal, fantasy, futuristic and science fiction. I believe love can happen not only any time or anyplace, but with anyone, and so my stories feature a diverse cast of characters.

When I’m not writing or working, I can be found reading, playing video games of all kinds, watching movies, anime and sci-fi television shows, exercising, spending time with my family or making complex spreadsheets.

I worked in the IT field as everything from developer and web master to IT manager. My technical career provided me the opportunity to live all over the country. Currently my husband and I have settled in the Midwest with our family, which also includes two young male monsters who can be mistaken for angels when they are sleeping.




“If I acted out the many fantasies in my head, I’d be a very, very naughty girl. So I just write them out instead, and let them take flight within the limitless skies of a story.” — Tatiana Caldwell

“In my stories, love is blind. All shades, preferences, beings, and worlds are welcome.” — Tatiana Caldwell

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Via email: tatiana.caldwell@gmail.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/tatianacaldwell
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Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/tatiana.caldwell
Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com/tatiana.caldwell.39
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