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Due to her father’s constant bragging, word of Anna Miller’s beauty and virtue piques the interest of King Thomas. Upon taking the boasting of her father too literally, the king of Grimbros imprisons Anna and threatens to kill her and her father if she fails to spin straw into gold.

A mysterious and sensual magical being finds himself drawn to the castle – and the beautiful Anna. He offers his help in exchange for the most intimate, precious gifts she could possibly give. Soon Anna finds herself wanting far more than just his help. But he threatens to consume her and all she holds dear.

Unless she says his name. Learn More

(NOTE: this is a re-release of one of my previously published works)

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The last thing Karabi is looking for after dumping her clingy boyfriend is a new relationship. She’s a Werecat and romantic involvements with normal humans are challenging, to say the least. However, her clashes with the frustratingly hot new guy at work, Alex, are tinged with a lust that's impossible to ignore.

Alex throws professional conduct out the window the first moment he gets Karabi alone. But unbeknownst to them he’s a “Late Bloomer” a shifter. As their first sexual encounter reaches climax he shifts uncontrollably.

Suddenly Alex is thrown into the dangerous world of Werecats and Rabid Werewolves,. To provide Alex the help he needs, Karabi must face The Pride and play by their rules -- both of which she has fiercely rejected. Learn More

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SAY MY NAME is on sale now!

  SAY MY NAME, my naughty-retelling of the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin is back for sale! If you’ve already purchased this book, please note that though the novella has brand new cover art and a fresh round of full edits, it is still essentially the same story, so not necessary to purchase this new edition. However, there is some extra […]

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Coming Soon: Re-releases!

My rights have been returned to me on my first three books: Say My Name The Summoning Way Out of Control This is exciting because I will now have full control of these stories! I’m in the process now of making some small changes that I’ve been wanting to do on them for years, as […]

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2014 In Review & SAY MY NAME Re-release

** POST UPDATED to correct release date that was one week off ** I can’t believe February is already halfway over – to me it still feels like the new year just started last week! I had such an action-packed 2014. Here’s just some of the things I had going on last year: Quit my […]


Real Romance Is … (February 2015)

Concept by Tatiana Caldwell Artwork by The Digital Hook Inspired by Love Is Comics  See more Real Romance comic strips at

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