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The Summoning
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Gailyn Bridges is a psychic who is ready to end her troublesome career as a private investigator. For the last time, she summons a powerful spirit to help her close a final case.

However, the mysterious entity who answers, Malak, is no ordinary spirit. He’s more than willing to help Gailyn save the would-be victim of a violent crime.

But who’s going to save Gailyn when Malak returns to collect payment for lending her his power? Learn More

(NOTE: this is a re-release of one of my previously published works)

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The last thing Karabi is looking for after dumping her clingy boyfriend is a new relationship. She’s a Werecat and romantic involvements with normal humans are challenging, to say the least. However, her clashes with the frustratingly hot new guy at work, Alex, are tinged with a lust that's impossible to ignore.

Alex throws professional conduct out the window the first moment he gets Karabi alone. But unbeknownst to them he’s a “Late Bloomer” a shifter. As their first sexual encounter reaches climax he shifts uncontrollably.

Suddenly Alex is thrown into the dangerous world of Werecats and Rabid Werewolves,. To provide Alex the help he needs, Karabi must face The Pride and play by their rules -- both of which she has fiercely rejected. Learn More

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SFR Shindig

Win Prizes at the Sci-Fi Romance Shindig

It’s only a little more than a week before I re-release my erotic Science Fiction Romance (SFR), WAY OUT OF CONTROL. To celebrate, I’ve joined a group of authors at my favorite Science Fiction Romance blog, The Galaxy Express, for a week of SFR fun! Starting today, 4/23/2015, there will be a new post everyday by […]


THE SUMMONING is on sale now!

  My paranormal erotic romance novella, THE SUMMONING, is again available for sale! If you’ve previously purchased this THE SUMMONING, please note that although the book has brand new cover art and a fresh round of edits and has been (slightly) revised, it is still essentially the same story, so it is not necessary for you to also buy […]

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New Covers for Upcoming Re-releases

My next two upcoming re-releases have brand spanking new (and lovely, I must say) covers from The Digital Hook! [Click the images to seem them full-sized.] THE SUMMONING will be available for sale again at the beginning of April 2015, and WAY OUT OF CONTROL is scheduled to for re-release in early May 2015. In addition […]


SAY MY NAME is on sale now!

  SAY MY NAME, my naughty-retelling of the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin is back for sale! If you’ve already purchased this book, please note that though the novella has brand new cover art and a fresh round of full edits, it is still essentially the same story, so not necessary to purchase this new edition. However, there is some extra […]

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